November 14, 2012

Amor: It’s all because of you!

Amor told me last night he missed not reading any updates on the blog. And that’s all it took. The busy husband and father with the “don’t post pictures of me” kind of guy attitude not only approves but actually loves my blog! Yayyyy! In his honor, I am sitting here, raising against time and creating this post.

As you know, I said my goodbyes a little bit ago. I know it wouldn’t be permanent, for blogging is such a big part of my life, but I had to prioritize what I was doing with my time and it still is what I need to be doing for my sanity, for my family’s wellbeing and for our future.

So with that said, there is much catching up to do, which I know will never happen, but some of the highlights of my days lately have been:


* Neighborhood preschool. There are 6 children so 6 of us mom rotate homes and teaching schedules. It’s crazy, it’s busy, it’s full of noise and activity, but I have enjoyed learning with them, laughing at their different personalities and seeing my daughter grow and develop in this kind of setting.

We have made some cool crafts90874d76035111e2b5561231380e8944_7  23ba751422bf11e2b52122000a1fa4b5_7


* Baptisms and more baptisms. Check out one of our favorites, which included besides great company, hip decor, some great food such as EMPANADAS, etc. I am right along with my daughter enjoying all her friends turning 8 (ha!).

Choose the right cake and handsome little boy6b3e96f404dd11e2b2c322000a1e9e1f_7

Empanadas!! YUM!038d0a9e04e311e2bbe622000a1c8847_7


*My son is finally reading at grade level. We have spent countless hours working with him. Hours, which at times seemed like “torture,” because let’s face it: which kid likes homework? If there is one thing I did learn, it’s his attitude towards success. He knew all along he had to become better but that wasn’t enough for him. He had to be The Best. This is how he rolls at mere 6-years-old. And this is how he rolls in the game, too.

You may remember we are a tennis family. It’s gotten too much cold to do this outside…brrrrrfec8a7be038111e2a73722000a1e8a9f_7


*Our dancer has entered a year of ballroom competitions. In addition to her core classes, she trains with her partner and her coach and have been competing throughout the state. If you ever wonder how all those dancers from “Dancing With the Stars” got their start, then come to the Mecca of ballroom dancing. It’s here! It’s UTAH…and then you can come visit me, too.




*I voted. And despite him being a Mormon like me, I didn’t vote for Romney. I like him a lot and I agreed with most of his policies. Ultimately, his stand on immigration was too big of an issue for me to accept. I rather vote for someone who at least considers fixing a complicated problem, than someone who won’t consider it all. Romney didn’t get the Latino vote, among those mine. To no surprise, the GOP now is examining closely changing their immigration stand…

Long lines…and it was early voting 935c2bca254d11e2ac5222000a1fbd4b_7 

*And let us not forget Halloween! I didn’t craft, I didn’t dress up,  I didn’t party (and you know that’s rare in me..ha!). It’s all good. They got enough candy to keep them happy for the rest of the year and that’s all it matters (not).

They make me the happiest mom on earth  1164cc4a23b211e2b62322000a9f12da_7


I have been working on a new and exciting project. I am becoming a business owner and this process takes a lot of time and preparation. I never thought the ride would be so fun and exciting. New things await and with new things comes the pleasure of new beginnings and HOPE. Despite of my busy schedule and neglect of family, friends and blogging: LIFE IS GOOD!



Con amor,



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  1. Aw that is sweet. I have to beg my husband to read mine and if he says yes I quizz him to make sure he did. I find he will just quickly glance at the pictures. He says why read it I live with you? Agh! Men they just don't get it, except yours of course. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. I have to tell you how bold it was to make statements about voting for Obama. I too voted outside of what my family believes for similar reasons (healthcare). I just had to say that it is nice to see someone say how the feel about it and not just side with the religious point of view. Everyone looks like they are doing well!

  3. Aw, what a sweet hubs. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful children. They are all so special and amazing. xoxo

  4. I'm happy to see you back :) I love your preschool idea, that is such a great way to provide preschool to your kids & give all the mom's a break!! And happy to see you voted for Obama :)


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