September 4, 2012


We play tennis. A lot.

We have the high school tennis courts nearby pretty much all to our selves. We are there after dinner a few times during the week.

My son is really good.

My oldest daughter likes tennis skirts and all the fashion possibilities in this sport. This is the only time she will get a hold of a ball.

My youngest is always the first one ready with racket in tow and everything. Once there, we use more as a ball girl.

Amor played in high school and college. He is awesome and has such a sexy style. I can’t get enough of his serve. As far as me, tennis is the only sport I ever played. I’m not good at it though and it frustrates me. I remember, too, being told when I was young that my brother was better than me. That did it for me. I stopped pursuing it. I learned at the time the importance  of praise and knowing the effective ways of advising others of their mistakes.
Fall is here, we probably have, as a family, a couple more weeks of tennis. I’m sad about that. The kids will continue playing indoors with their Rec. center league.

I should be in NYC at the US Open right now

Andy Roddick is retiring. He is only 30. You know now what I will be doing tonight: Glued to the TV as he plays Del Portro in the round of 16. This well may be his last game. I will surely miss seeing him play . And wonder when there will be another American coming into the scene. Please don’t tell me I’ll have to wait that long until my son goes pro...

Do you play any sports as a family?

Con amor,


  1. I love the pictures. :) I'm a new follower from the hop!

    Jen @
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  2. "The possibilities of the sport" hehe best thing I read all day. I can't wait til my son is old enough to play family sports.
    I've followed you back.
    Sylvia @

  3. Andy Roddick is retiring?!? I wish I could retire at 30. Then again I didn't train 7 days a week my entire life to be good at something like tennis. So, guess I screwed myself over there. haha I love tennis though. I'm not that great either, but it's one of the few sports that I just love.

  4. Oh and ps- thanks for linking up with the hop!

  5. That is so cool that you guys play as a family. My family on the other hand spent the summer playing freeze tag and simon says on the street in front of house. I found you on the Follows to Friends Blog Hop, I hope you follow back :)

  6. I've always wished I were good at tennis haha... thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, following back!

  7. I love that you have such an active life with your children! I believe that is so important! My daughter Reagan LOVES to dance and is constantly moving!
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  8. Yep, telling you that your brother was better than you was definitely not the way to keep you interested in the game. :o/ That's how I always felt playing sports as a kid, too. I was never all that great, and if someone brought that fact up, I was DONE.

    Your kids look awfully cute holding those tennis rackets! They look like naturals!!

  9. They are too cute playing together. I hope to play sports together as a family as my daughter gets a little older. Have a great weekend!

  10. We played a bunch of tennis together this summer. And we play basketball in the front together sometimes too. So much fun!