August 8, 2012

What a ZOO!

Don’t know how it is on your neck of the woods, but trying to go to zoo here should be considered an Olympic event. First, there is so much to pack because “just in case” they birds poop on your kid’s clothes, or “just in case” they don’t like the zoo food. Second the LONG drive because there isn’t direct freeway access to there. And then you get there and it’s a ZOO, crowded as can be, and the only happy faces you spot are those of the kids. The heat is unbearable and the adults all wonder the same thing to themselves: “What did I get myself into?”

But things change a bit when the zoo is ALL TO YOURSELF because it’s your company party. Your food is catered, you have ALL the time in the world to encounter with as many animals as you wish and the outdoor fans call your name and your name only. And the best: the face painting

My kidse87fb1c0cbd011e1af7612313813f8e8_7

And their friends291516_10150960372954895_448820919_o-001

The ugly rodent everyone thought it was a Kangaroo (not!)323914_10150960538279895_178947802_o

The perfect timing of the sea lions413697_10150960430059895_1678809218_o


The moms, because they too, have to be part of photo session, together with the Macaw. I swear that Macaw is from Colombia…177173_10151020652178936_1538184558_o

Have you been to the ZOO?


Con amor,



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  1. I love going to the zoo to see all the animals! The monkeys are my favorite. They are always doing something funny.

  2. oh, wow, it would be amazing to have the zoo all to yourself with catered food!!! that sounds like a dream. i went to the zoo recently but it was really hot and a bit crowded, ... it was still pretty fun though. i got to feed a giraffe. :)

  3. I used to take my kids to the zoo all the time but we haven't been in ages......LOVE the face paint!

  4. Yes, of course!. My kid love the zoo. Lovely kids yours and so fashion!! ;)

  5. I would love to have the zoo all to myself (well, me and my on my own with all those animals might be a little scary, LOL). Glad everyone had a great time!

  6. Very cute and very good bodyart :-D


  7. I love that you guys had a private zoo party. How fun! We practically live at the zoo lol. It is about 5 minutes from our house- we can walk there if we want. My daughter loves it so we are zoo people... or should I say zoo rats? ha

  8. Looks like so much fun! You look beautiful! Sounds like a fun time. We have a Zoo pass, the boys love the zoo, well maybe not baby G just yet, haha.

  9. Adorable photos!! I love the zoo also, though since I have moved to NYC I don't go as much...they have free days on Wednesdays but it is all the way up in the yeah, I don't make that trip often. But its definitely worth it when we go :)


  10. I love that you guys had a private zoo party. How fun! We practically live at the zoo lol. It is about 5 minutes from our house- we can walk there if we want.

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  11. oh i miss face paintings! i used to choose to have butterflies on my face!