August 23, 2012

This is only the beginning

This summer -or the little bit of it we had (ha!)- my daughter made the cast of a production called “Youth Pioneer Pageant” produced by Merrill Osmond, yes him, the world renowned entertainer singer and songwriter from the legendary Osmond's. The Mormon pioneers,seeking religious freedom, traveled across the United States and settled in Utah. They represent most of our state heritage This theatrical production was about the joy and tribulations experienced by the youth pioneers on their trek west.

I went to see my daughter perform every single night the show was on. And I couldn’t get enough. I felt so much joy and pride seeing my kid do so well and to see, how the many hours of work she put in this, paid off. She rehearsed close to 20 hours per week for almost 4 months.

By the end of the last show, I had no nails left. For those of you who’ve are accustomed to a stage life, you know that behind the scenes is as important for the success of it all and so many things can go wrong. We were lucky. At least in all the scenes she was in, there were no flaws.

We weren’t allowed backstage. Even after each performance, the kids had to report straight to the dressing room. I stole her for a little while right after the last show ( What could they do? Being that the last night and a total success…) and we got some pictures.

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to see what’s next in this little star’s future.










With her grandma and without a doubt biggest supporterIMG_3019

With abuela, my mother: Three generations of performers. If only I would had the same courage and determination my daughter has….Never too late and I’m learning it from her now.IMG_3015

The family. Her biggest fans!IMG_3012



Con amor,






  1. Oh my - she is beyond gorgeous here. She was made for the stage. :)

    As a former performer, I'm super excited to see her grow up acting/singing/dancing!

  2. What a star! It looks like she just LOVES the stage.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. she looks so cute!! Did she have a solo performance? Thanks for linking this to the Mommy Brain Mixer!!

  4. She looks beautiful and so confident! You must have been so proud. :)

  5. Hi Vivian --

    It's been too long since I've stopped by!

    OH my gosh, you must have been SOO proud! What a great opportunity this was for her! She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL -- I can't get over it! I can't wait to see what's next for her :)

    Hope you and your lovely family are having a great week! <3

  6. she looks beautiful!!! i'll bet you were bursting with pride. :)

  7. Wow it sounds like a great show! And your daughter looks so happy and comfortable on stage! That I definitely envy!

  8. Aww.... what a proud mommy moment!!! What a beautiful shining star you have!

  9. Oh my word, how cute is she?! I bet it was so much fun to watch her perform!

  10. She is adorable I wish I could have been there!!