August 12, 2012


I live in the Mormon state and one of the things we are known for is our large families. What you know it’s true. You see it all: from the minivan with mom and dad and five kids in tow to the suburban with 7 kids including triplets. There seems to be, though, a more common number and a trend: 4.  What I see is, that once your third child hits the second birthday mark, then the news of baby due dates or the questioning if you are the next pregnant mama arise.

Growing up I always wanted a large family. If there is anything I’ve learned for sure, is that life doesn’t go as planned. And whose does? Because my life didn’t go as planned, I am a fulfilled mother of three. And I believe I make a PRETTY good job in that department. Even though I know, with certainty, I could continue with a job well done, I don’t want to be asked if I’m joining the trend. NOT AGAIN. I don’t have an answer and record indicates I tend to go against the crowd. Certain matters cannot be compromised because I want to join a trend.

It’s a LOT MORE than a number

And since I also don’t have a crystal ball….let’s just assume: MAYBE

Thanks to my sister in law, who let me borrow my brand new niece, I know how we would look like if we had #4. ed264b32df3311e18ed022000a1e87a9_7

And this is how I would look like if I had #4eea5e704df3011e1b8e822000a1e8b8e_7

And the grandkids troop would keep growing and her heart would be fuller if there was a #4f7364d7cdf3111e19d0322000a1d02f2_7


Con amor,



  1. You're so cute. No matter the size of your family, you'll always be such a cute and wonderful mom!

  2. My best friend growing up is Mormon. She was the youngest of five. Maybe you should have TWO more. ;)

  3. Do you live in Utah??
    I live in Utah and we are known as the "mormon" state... just wondering if there is more than one haha


  4. I agree that you are best in this department Vivian. The photos of your healthy and happy kids are more than enough proof that you are a great mother. Have a great week!

  5. I plan on having four... but like you said, who can really plan their life? You are too cute!

  6. A new baby totally suits you!! You're a great mum no matter how many children you decide to have :) But just know that we would be so thrilled to follow a pregnancy ;)

  7. You look fabulous! Your niece is so very darling!!

  8. You would look fabulous with 2, 4, or 5! They are all a blessing!

  9. You look amazing with a #4!! :)

  10. You should have a number 4! I mean you dont even look like you have 3 kids! =)