August 29, 2012

I like food

I like food too much. But good food, not the junk kind. I’ve professed in the past my discomfort with meals out of boxes and cans. And I will not have it, none of that. Food snob or whatever you may call me, I look forward to a good healthy meal prepared from scratch every.single. day. It’s the only way my body can function and it’s the only way I am teaching my children to eat.So whether I make it or our favorite eateries make it, I LOVE GOOD FOOD! Accompany that with good company and my evening is complete!


Family trying to get a good picture togetherIMG_20120818_191148-1


Food snobs in the making (ha!)IMG_20120818_190754


Parrillada, an Argentine specialty: a platter of high quality grilled meats like beef, chicken and shrimp.IMG_20120819_200158 

Colombians doing what they know how to do bestIMG_20120819_200237


Con amor,




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  1. I like food too. But I even like bad food. It's a problem. A yummy yummy problem. :)

  2. I love food too. Making, eating, learning about it! Food is such a big part of being human and we can make it beautiful and enjoyable!

  3. I know what you mean! I love food too. =]

  4. We are the same way -my boys are food snobs and I love it!

  5. Vivian, me identifico plenamente contigo. Amo la comida, jajaja, se me nota?
    Besos y abrazos desde California!

  6. I love food, too! About 5 months ago I made a huge change in what I eat, a whole lot of clean, home cooked meals, and my body is sooo thankful for it!

  7. Please come cook dinner for me every night :)

  8. Amen! Food is the one thing that goes IN our bodies. It's odd to me people who spend so much on cars, clothes, etc. but buy unhealthy food. The BMW in the McDonald's drive through.

    What's this Argentine restaurant? I may need to go next time I'm down.

  9. Yum! I lol @ "food snobs in the making!" So cute!
    I love foods. All kinds. Junk. Healthy. Give me it all! LOL! :)