August 31, 2012




I am a Mormon. I have been one my entire life. And I live in Utah where most everyone around me is Mormon. With everything happening with Romney and the presidential election, we have been on the spotlight a lot and there is no question about the fact that we, as Mormons, have been misunderstood throughout the years. I started thinking about the why more deeply, specially after a few issues I’ve had with fellow Mormons recently, and while it may not be the answer for everyone, it did it for me.

The answer is as simple as this:  Don’t want to be misunderstood anymore? Stand up for your beliefs, apply them to your daily life, not only for the three hours you are at church on Sundays. I know we are not perfect, (I certainly AM NOT) and that’s why we belong to a religion and why we try to seek God, to improve, to learn of him and become like him. But people are getting further and further away from that each and every time they hurt their fellow human beings, their fellow church members, their fellow neighbors.

Care. Try to care for others. ACCEPT them and SERVE them.  And LOVE will just follow automatically. This will make all the difference. Really.

Have a nice weekend my friends!


Con amor,



P.S. I think this easily applies to anyone with or without religion.


  1. As I read this I thought this applies to everyone, not just Mormons. Then I saw you wrote that as a P.S. I am not Mormon, but as a Christian I have been 'misunderstood' enough times to know how you feel. Thank you for this excellent reminder to consistently seek out the good in all apply God's love and message to our daily lives. Hope you have a fabulous long weekend!

  2. Very very well said! I grew up LDS in Illinois so was by far the minority, but everyone knew I was a Mormon. I would get asked werid questions at times, but overall everyone respected me for who I was/am. Just a couple of years ago when I joined FB and was befriending a lot of high school friends, one contacted me and told me she too was now Mormon. She said when the missionaries showed up at her door she would have for sure turned them away but she remembered I was a Mormon and knew I was a good person so agreed to talk with them. So yes, we just need to be kind and not be afraid to nicely stand up for what we believe in.

  3. I think this does apply to any religion. And I love the quote!