July 26, 2012


Time is flying by and I can’t believe how incredible behind I’m here. I have been extremely busy and had to quit the usual of blogging at nights and sleeping less. I was getting this really ugly circles under my eyes and you wanna know something? I freaked out!  I looked aged, rundown, unhealthy. Not good.

So I have to be honest. I have considered quitting this blog all together. And then I think about how much I’ve invested in so many little areas towards this blog, as well as I think of my goals (for this blog) in the future…when (if) I have more time and, of course, I think about YOU. I am not ready to quit. Just not yet. But I do need my sleep.

For now I happily share with you the birthday of the littlest one in the DANCE for 5 blog. She turned 3 and I officially have no more babies in my household. But you see, the problem is, that this “baby” still drinks the bottle and every now and then I get asked by random people: “How old is your baby?” And I don’t mind it one bit. Deep inside, I have refused to let her grow up.

I LOVE her so much60ebdd1ccd2211e1a94522000a1e8aaf_7


Can you imagine as you wake up and open your bedroom door, you find this?2b89d0e2cd0a11e1abd612313810100a_7


Proudly wearing her “Es mi Cumpleaños” (It’s my birthday) T-shirt, a very unique gift by her aunt Jodi. Such a hit!aa204af4cd2211e19b0622000a1e8a4f_7


Family came over and we had a lunch party385600cacd2811e18e3c22000a1e8b97_7


My own family and the ONES I have LOVED the most in this life. “Porque son lo que mas he querido en la vida…”20ab49facd2111e19ab222000a1e8819_7


After our lunch, we headed over to this indoor amusement park that had the whole works, perfect for all age groups, but even more perfect because we had the place all to ourselves. 637e59f2d72611e1979222000a1e8aa2_7



Even the heels I was wearing, weren’t going to prevent me from the bumper cars (Ha!).bumper cars2_files


Her birth and arrival to this earth has always meant a lot to me. I want her to know that her coming to our family was no mere coincidence and that she is SPECIAL and like her birthday, every minute of my existence that I have shared with her, has been MORE THAN SPECIAL.




Con amor,



  1. She is so sweet. Happy bday to her.

    Glad you're not totally quitting the blog. I'd be a little sad. :)

  2. Aww....happy happy birthday to your "baby" :) Looks like the perfect day!

  3. Vivian! You were missed! Yes, please don't give up blogging, I really like reading. And the deco for ur girls party were fab! :)

  4. You are such a beautiful mummy and show such love for your kids! It is so nice to see and read...
    And you cannot QUIT!!! No way, not yet, we are finally happy to have you back after your hiatus lol but I totally understand how overwhelming it can all get with keeping up with a blog and everything else in life.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Vivien xo

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one Vivian!!! She will forever be your darling little baby like most mothers feel :D Wishing you more years of happiness with your kids

  6. Ooooh I'm SO glad you're not quitting blogging! Take a break or slow down whenever you need to, but definitely don't quit! We'd miss you TOO much :)
    What a FUN party! Love the decor! You truly do have the CUTEST family!