July 15, 2012

The good kind of busy

I know many play pretend in the blogging world. I don’t. I live a fulfilled life. It’s not always a happy one, but it is a good one. We keep busy, a good kind of busy, which involves doing the things that we enjoy most  with the people we love the most. And that is the key for success. Or at least MY FAMILY’S success.

Here is just a sample of how we manage to roll on a two day weekend:

 Little champion has been in a basketball summer league, and despite of the early Saturday morning waking hours…00df2904c84c11e1abd612313810100a_7

…we still are his biggest fans.



With the idea of expanding our children’s horizons and views, we continue trying out the world’s gastronomy. Our choices this past week: sushi and Puerto Rican food (plantains, beans, rice, fish). Yes, our kids’s are food snobs but I don’t mind it one bit. It already makes it so much easier when we travel that they are so easy to please and willing to try what they are not commonly used to without a complaint.




There has been an overflow of shaved- ice shacks in town. I mean they are literally EVERYWHERE. Some are quite the fancy shacks. We are taking advantage of them. Perfect stop every night after picking up my daughter from her show rehearsals.




Talking about the show. She’s got this gig, with the Osmonds, the well known Osmond Family. It’s been pretty much a full-time job for her (and me) but the long hours have paid off. Show starts in a week and what I’ve gotten to see it’s absolutely OUTSTANDING. I wish you all could see it. (More details about it in the next few days).



The Drive-In Movies. Can I tell you how long it had been since I went to one? Yearssss. I was actually surprise we still have a drive-in theater in our town. It’s the only one left standing. It was fun. Ever since then, the kids have been asking to sleep in the car.



Birthdays, baptisms, graduations, etc. Uncle Garrett and Sister- in- law Silvia graduated with their MBA. That makes all of my husbands siblings Master’s degree holders. Except him. In return everyone is just as proud that he gave the family CHILDREN (our kids).



Are your weekends the good kind of busy? Do TELL!


Con amor,




  1. I can't wait until our weeks/weekends are full of this good kind of busy!! Until then I'll just be enjoying shaved ice because baby in my belly seems to LOVE it ;)

  2. Looks like tons of fun!! That's awesome that you feed your kids all sorts of foods like that, that is what my parents did with me & I intend to do with my children. I don't understand the kids that eat mac n cheese & chicken nuggets everyday while their parents eat real food!!

  3. Sounds like perfect busyness to me :) Our weekend was similar, softball tournament and lots of family and friend time!

  4. I love that your kids are so open to new foods. Oh we try and try, but it is like pulling teeth! Shaved ice is a favorite with our kids, too. It is a perfect summer treat. Have a great week. : )

  5. Vivian, I LOVE this post. Being good busy is so refreshing. It makes you feel so full of life and love and always teaches you lessons in between it all. Your photos and family are beautiful - I can see you've been filling your days with lots of fun adventures. Yum to the shaved ice. I could really go for that right now. We are melting. :)
    Have a wonderful night!
    And thank you for your sweet words!

  6. great. now i want shaved ice. :) and i'm just like you, love to be busy.

  7. I love this! I love the good kind of busy and your family's key to success!