June 12, 2012

Their story

One of the many things about blogging is that it keeps me aware of my surroundings. Everything and everyone has a story and it may be worth sharing.   

The stories of prince charming fighting for true love,  flowers who could talk, and the little people who could fly are now being passed on to the next generation. My dad is a gifted storyteller. He has taught us the ability to go places with our imagination. My little one has a more than special interest in books and anything that allows her to dream. I’m glad. A child deserves such opportunities.

My story to tell today is that I stopped to witness the bond between two strengthen, as they both did what they can do best:  Imagine a world beyond the human eye. 



Con amor,



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  1. What a sweet picture and a great post. Would love for you to stop by and share

  2. This was a sweet post and something special to certainly remember :)
    I am loving your new blog design too btw, very pretty!!

  3. Cute picture and beautiful smile ;)

  4. Precious precious moments. What a cutie!! And what a sweet post!

  5. Such a preciois capture, wonderful moment and very sweet post

  6. This gave me chills. How beautiful. I think I should find a brilliantly wonderful story for my dad and share it with him. Thanks for this beautiful post.

    Happy seeing beautiful!