June 4, 2012


Ok friends, finally a post on my recent trip.

This used to be my world, and I get to relive it when I go back “home:”

Fresh warm bread from the neighborhood bakery every morning IMG_20120302_183233

 2012-02-28 18.34.51


The trip to the beach and the necessary rest stop to munch on sweets and Arepa e' huevo!  IMG_20120303_115606



The beach and the place where I find myselfIMG_20120303_163209

IMG_20120303_145406 (1)-001



The best food in the world IMG_20120308_142019-001

IMG_20120305_144631  IMG_20120226_193658


And the only place in the world where I will eat pizza without regretsIMG_20120229_190421


Empanadas and Uva Postobón (grape soda drink)IMG_20120306_161916


The familyIMG_20120229_170458



and the friends I’ve known as long as I’ve been aliveIMG_20120228_212549-001



and everything else that brings me back to my childhood:

the mango tree in my front yardIMG_20120302_141841-001


the church and it’s open hallways that I walked from class to class every Sunday IMG_20120226_110550 

My schoolIMG_20120307_171533


The shaved ice guy, the one who would ride his cart around the neighborhood and honk his horn every afternoon at 4pmIMG_20120308_175127 

The local theater where I learned to love the artsIMG_20120306_175644-001


The neighborhood park, where I spent countless hours playing after school and during vacations. Also the first place I met my first love.IMG_20120229_161759


And even the crazy traffic and non-existent parking regulations (see below what’s supposed to be bus parking ONLY)IMG_20120228_173347


And the beach a few minutes from my house IMG_20120226_145541


meeting long lost friends, enjoying real coconut and seafood with an ocean view IMG_20120226_180540


The architecture and the homes; their smell is still in my brain thousands of miles away.IMG_20120302_141115


I think and dream about this place at nights as I lay in bed. At times, after busy and difficult days, it’s my happy place. I think about how I had the best childhood anyone could possibly have, and how much I treasure that. I hope I can provide the same memories to my children, so that when it’s their turn to find their happy place within their hearts, they remember their past and a life well lived.

And that is the reason why “RECORDAR ES VIVIR”

To remember is to LIVE AGAIN


Con amor,



  1. What great pictures makes me want to go there too!

  2. Seriously the best pictures ever. Makes me want to go there and eat EVERYTHING. :)


  3. What an awesome post, it brought tears to my eyes because I can see the love you have for Colombia. I've been to a lot of places in Central/South America but have never been to Colombia, hopefully one day I can. The food and beach look amazing!

  4. It's so incredible there! How did you ever leave?! I've decided someday when I have $$ I'll hire you as a tour guide for Colombia. Deal?

  5. Me transporte con estas fotos, Vivian. Quiero comer esa pizza, las empanadas con uva postobon, pero sobretodo la arepa e'huevo. Que deliciaa!

  6. You lived in a paradise Vivian. I enjoyed every picture that depicted your growing up years. My country was once a colony of Spain and with that, I'm surprised to share some common things from your hometown to mine. We also have empanadas and the shaved ice scrambles. The store that sells those chips and biscuits, we have plenty of them in residential areas. We call them sari sari stores, it's like a one stop shop for food and household needs.

  7. Looks like it was quite the trip and adventure...I can't imagine all the emotions and nostalgia you must have been experiencing...glad you are safe and thank you for sharing with us, great great photos!!!

  8. You look beautiful, as always! Great great pictures :) I am so glad that you were able to visit home.

  9. Girl, you have such an amazing way with words! Reading your posts is such a treat! You just made me wanna visit Colombia, like tomorrow! haha. I have a Colombian sis-in-law, but I have yet to visit Colombia with her and her family. They're pretty awesome, and GREAT dancers too! I love to watch her and her parents dance, especially salsa... and some of my favorite songs are by Joe Arroyo... Man, I know I'd enjoy a trip there. My brother and sis-in-law are thinking of moving there once they retire. [She was born and raised there.] So, I'll have family there to visit for sure. Great post!!

  10. hi vivian! thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! your comment brightened my very late night last night. :)
    so happy to come here and find your sweet blog! i loved this post. what an amazing and gorgeous place Colombia is....the food *especially those empanadas :) the sun, beach, and stunning architecture.
    you are beautiful and i can see your life is full of so much love <3
    looking forward to following!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Wonderful pictures!! Looks like you had a great trip. :)