June 21, 2012

Just like me

Currently my kids are after me because I mispronounce scissor and bonnet. I’ll keep you informed what will I be picked on for next week.

I’ve been known for NEVER being able to complete one saying or quote without leaving out the best part or changing the context like: “skating on thin egg shells.” The only explanation I have to that would be, that I (we) try to translate it literally how we originally know it in Spanish.

I forget, suddenly in the middle of a sentence, how to say certain words and my only resource is to imitate the sound or gesture with my hands. Still, most of the time, Amor doesn’t know what I’m talking about (grrr).

Amor’s name is “often” heard at more than acceptable decibels around the house, but if only it would be understood, that I’m NOT yelling, I'm just SPEAKING LOUD. Really. Plus, why bother go down the stairs to get him when I can just call his name? I think that if many, even my relatives, were to watch this show… and Gloria, then they would finally get it: It’s not me being the yelling-fighting-witch, it’s ALL of us women from Barranquilla – Colombia. – And yes,  Sofia Vergara and I are from the same place – showing our strong vibrant personality.

If you’ve wondered how it’s like to be with me in person, my friends and family would tell you: “Just watch Modern Family.” I guess I remind them of her…

FYI: The accent worsens depending on the day, especially at days when I’m forced to imagine who my son is going to marry…don’t believe me?

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You MUST watch this! I’m just glad I’m not alone (ha!)


Con amor,



  1. Love this!! So funny, so true! Nothing wrong with having personality!

  2. This is so funny. When I read your blogs, I often read it in Gloria's voice in my mind. Glad I wasn't too far off. ;)

  3. I never think "baby cheeses" and "saxophone" anymore. It's "baby Jesus" and "sexy phone" for me now. Love Modern Family. Love Gloria. Love you!!

  4. I love Modern Family! This video was funny too. It's so cool and unique that you have the culture you do!

  5. haha I would love to hear you! Maybe you should do a vlog :o

  6. Every single word of this made me smile. I loved it.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. I love this... and oh my gosh i freaking love modern family... loved that video, gloria is the best!

  8. Hahahaha! I always think of you when I watch that show. Love how much you two are alike:)

  9. hahah i love that show so much

  10. I love Modern Family and I love Gloria and her accent is awesome!! I would love to speak Spanish :) So you sound just like her? That is so cool! Your husband's name isn't Jay is it? LOL I love how she yells at him "Jay!" "Jaaaay!!"

  11. LOL! Yo soy Cubana pero conozco muchos Colombianos. Aqui en Miami los Latinos somos la mayoria. I think Gloria is absolutely hilarious, mostly because I can name ten close friends off the top of my head that are exactly like her.