June 8, 2012

He is the Champion

It’s about the time of the year when I brag about my son and how proud he makes me feel.

After 9 months of hard work, he finally obtained his yellow belt in Karate. Talk about not only the skills mastered but his attitude and discipline which have not only improved in the art of karate itself but also at school and at the home. 475978_10150767553809895_1662955499_o


His soccer season ended with him medaling and new techniques and skills learned in the game. a98b7ab8acdf11e18cf91231380fd29b_7

After two years of this team playing together, the difference between beginning and now it’s BIG. Me -and all the parents- had so much fun watching and cheering for them. Thank you Blue Lightning for such a fun season!99c007ceace011e1bf341231380f8a12_7


He is star, really is, in Baseball. This is his third year playing, and what started with hesitation with the help of a T back then, it’s now a base hit each and every time…I mean look at that style:style


The TEAMtheteam


I am always on the go, I don’t sleep enough, I could make so much money if I charged for all the miles I drive, I eat in the car, sometimes change in the car, and to the understanding of my loved ones, I fail to respond many phone calls and texts; but this feeling of pride for my son’s job well done, gratitude for the opportunities not missed, and for the knowledge that I’m doing something good towards the future of a very important little person in my life, it’s so worth it.

And that’s when I realize, as a mom, I am as much of a champion as he is.

This shows it best:


Con amor,



  1. YOur little guy is amazing and very lucky to have such a dedicated mother like you. All the sacrifices for our little ones will be worth it, Way to go Vivian!!!

  2. Congratulations to your dearest son and of course, to you as well. He could not make it without you Vivian.

  3. AWWw! What amazing talented beautiful kiddos! LOVE that you are such a proud mommy, adorable pics!!

  4. What a stud! Such a well rounded talented boy!!

  5. and now i'm crying... this was beautiful