June 18, 2012

Dance mom

I am a dance mom. Proudly. Not that I am living my dreams through my daughter, but that I was lucky to get a daughter with the same passion and gift as mine. She is blessed to have the opportunities I never had to develop and grow in this form of art. We are busy with her dance but fulfilled. Especially, when around this time of the year, she gets to showcase her work and then you see that all the longs hours, the drives, the time, the sacrifices are paying off. She truly is a beautiful and talented dancer.

Because of copyright issues, I wasn’t allowed to photograph as the professional pictures were taken, nor to film her performances, but I was able to sneak in the dressing rooms to take a few pictures that I will happily share with you.  So this is pretty much half of my world:


Her ballet routine “I won’t say I’m in love” from the movie Herculesballarina

Her Jazz routine: “Born to be wild”jazz


Her ballroom routine “Skadoosh” from the movie Kung Fu Pandapartners


One of the hardest steps for a pair of almost 8- year-olds to master: The Dipthedrop


This weekend we spent three full days between rehearsals and performances herekingsburyhall

Behind the scenes at the dressing roomdressingroom


And our loving and wonderful family who, as usual, came to support her.DSCN6230 

“Never miss a chance to dance”


Con amor,



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  1. How cute! It looks like she's truly in her element and doing something she loves!

  2. She is just gorgeous and how awesome she found something she really loves!

  3. Vivian, what a beautiful daughter you have! She looks full of life and love.
    Ahh, dancing is so wonderful. I danced from 4 until 17. I miss it and dance whenever I get a chance to shake it. ;)
    Lots of luck to her in the years to come. I love all of her outfits...and how cute are the outfits to dance from the song from Kung Fu Panda!! I just caught my husband watching that movie last week. Lol
    Have a wonderful night!

  4. She is so cute! Love all the pictures, such an awesome sweet momma!! I miss dance, danced when I was younger and cheered in high school. Good memories

  5. Congratulations to your little girl!!!

  6. Such a gorgeous little girl!! Dance has been such a big part of my life, I can't wait to get Leah in dance class and hope she loves it as much as I did! I will be a dance mom too :)

  7. P.s. passed a blog award on to you


  8. I love this! All of those flowers are almost as big as her!!

  9. she is such a beautiful little girl! i bet she had a really great time, especially with so much family cheering for her. :)

  10. WHAT sweet sweet pictures, you OUGHT to be proud!!! Look at her, what a doll Vivian!

  11. She's beautiful, a mini you Vivian!!