May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Happenings

This year I made a conscious effort to keep in mind and remember those who have fought for my freedom. After all, I am here because of them. I moved overseas looking for peace, and I found it. To you, and you know who you are: THANK YOU!

With that said, a brief overview of my day went like this:

Morning breakfast memorialday2

I got the idea from here and just decided to add the one and only NUTELLA


We had a birthday party for one of my favorite little guys at the splash pad, and believe it or not, he did have a good time, just at times not happy his candles (due to the wind) wouldn’t stay light up. I think mom is happier about the whole cake thing than him. (ha!)memorialday7


My daughter’s best friend is moving away to Colorado. We brought her along so that they could spend as much time as they could together. I remember my best friend from childhood moving away to Israel. No Skype or emails back in the days. I think my daughter will be getting her first dose media communication pretty soon.memorialday6


Showing off our COLORS. Summer Summer hurry up and COME!memorialday3


My LOVES memorialday1


And then we headed to the planetarium. Our kids especially enjoy learning about our world and other worlds and the stars and the things that our eyes cannot see. So we bought a yearly membership to this super amazing place. We go often and come out with a stronger desire to take better care of our earth and to work hard in leaving a better world for our children and the generations to come.


About to watch this on 3D memorialday4


I couldn’t help but being fascinated with this. And how the laser would follow as my hands would change place, and as my mood or energy would change, its colors and intensity would change.memorialday5


GOOD VIBES to you! Hope your memorial day and weekend was one to remember!


Con amor,



  1. Your daughter and her bff are so cute!! My best friend moved away when I was in 7th grade and I was crushed.

    Love the summer colors too! Can't believe colored denim is making a comeback!!!

  2. i am loving what you made for breakfast and i am gonna have to make it this weekend.

  3. I love the picture of you and your girlfriends and all those summer colors!!! What a fun weekend!

  4. Loving your new layout! Looks like you had a super fun weekend!

  5. Welcome back Vivian, good to see you! (if you want to chat about swapping again, let me know), also, I am so trying that recipe! One of the best breakfasts I ever had was waffle with banana, strawberry and whip cream with Nutella!

  6. oh my goodness, that breakfast looks delicious. i need to do something like that - think of how cute that would be for a party.. ! so glad you shared :)

    also, i need to tell you that i really love your outfit. SO CUTE!

  7. That breakfast is AMAZING! I'm totally trying that...I bet it was so good!

    Great photos! Hope you had an great long weekend!

  8. My BFF moved away when I was 7 [We lived in California & she moved to New Jersey] and we recently found each other again on facebook & since I now live in Manhattan we were able to reconnect! Good luck to your daughter in keeping the friendship :) Gorgeous photos & happy you had a great memorial day!!

    [Also I was wondering if you were interested in possibly doing a button swap? If so email me at]

  9. Thanks for the visit...I've been trying to find your blog for a while now:-) looks like a great memorial weekend! I love the planetarium!!

  10. Thanks for the visit...I've been trying to find your blog for a while now:-) looks like a great memorial weekend! I love the planetarium!!