May 23, 2012

Jungle Party

Before I get into all my Colombian trip stuff, I am so excited to share with you this party I did a while back. Aidan, my friend Michelle’s son, turned one. He likes animals so much that we thought it would be pertinent to throw him a JUNGLE PARTY!

As usual, I had SO MUCH FUN doing this.

Overall, I used a lot of baskets, plants and leafages bought at a thrift store. Found some sheer fabric at a good will store, which was used as table clothes, as well as some netting material from the fabric store (also used on tables and counters).

See here a general display 374190_10150442699326966_573381965_8581611_560823158_n

I purchased these thin wood boards from the craft store (about .75) and spray painted them black. I used them all over the party to label the food. As far as the menu went, we had, among others, meatballs, fruit shish-kabobs, cheese and tomatoes shish-kabobs (see below), etc.DSCN1315

I’ve used this outdoor drink bucket at other parties before. See here. The difference with this time is that I taped some zebra cutouts to it to make it more “jungle.” The original water bottle labels were so easy to remove, so instead I glued strings of leopard scrapbook paper around and made bows by tying raffia around for the finishing touch. 408443_10150442692296966_573381965_8581533_1862303836_n

Because my kind of party has to have burlap, I wrapped some around the drinks pitchers and used twine to hold the labels in place by tying them around the pitchers as well.378862_10150442690971966_573381965_8581515_1306534043_n

More burlap! This time around my mason jars (.50 at goodwill stores). Tied some zebra fabric and a raffia bow around them. The straws are not cheap, but you can pretty much get them at any party store.DSCN1319

The cones I made with scrapbook paper, and if you can tell, they, together with the banana pudding, are placed on top of one of those grocery store produce baskets; they are wood and used for the display of produce. One of my local grocery stores was glad enough to get rid of them. All you have to do is ask. I glued some leopard tissue paper to it and voila!

Notice the spoons used for the pudding. I also tied strings of leopard scrapbook paper and more raffia around them. DSCN1330

You can find any kind of jungle themed plates and napkins, etc at any party store. We opted for the zebra themed ones.DSCN1325

 Tissue flowers galore: I made a whole bunch of them. If you are wondering, they are hanging from the twine that’s tied to the lamps.DSCN1326

The sweets and dessert tableDSCN1338

The banner is made our of cardstock paper. I made the shapes and letters with the Cricut and then tied all the pieces together with twine.DSCN1339 (2)

Here you see my cookie jars with a string of burlap around them and the wood labels. Above zebra cake pops on just a regular black square serving platter.DSCN1312



I’ve been into gravity balloons lately. They hang with twine at different levels from the ceiling. These balloon designs you can find at any party store, too. Michelle had the stuffed animals and seats at her house. Way to find good use for them.DSCN1350

You probably remember me doing this a while back, thanks to that same idea floating around on Pinterest. So…we did it again! DSCN1352

The sign-in book was a compilation of different jungle-themed cardstock papers clipped together with clothes pins.


See the netting material I was talking about earlier. And the really big basket for gifts.DSCN1361


Here is to the first jungle party I throw. And I think I want to do some more of it!


Con amor,



**Here is where I party today**


  1. you are just way too awesome lol. LOVE LOVE what you did with all the details. Welcome back. I am on a blogging break myself lol.

  2. Amazing! So Eva is turning 1 next month want to come out this way??? ha ha j/k Excited to hear about Barranquilla!!

  3. this is amazing you are so awesome and talent4d

  4. SO CUTE! I love all the details! AMAZING JOB!

  5. I love it Vivian. I think you can have a career in party or events management. Your talent and creativity are great.

  6. So cute, Vivian!!! I love it!

  7. I've said it before, but girl, you are awesome at throwing parties! This was adorable!!

    I'm glad you're back! I love your new design!!! Alyx did good!

  8. YOu are so talented VIVIAN!!!! me encanta todo esta HERMOSO, y todo los detalles WOW!!!!

  9. this party looks amazing! I love all of your ideas, I see a jungle themed party for me in the future!