February 2, 2012

Valentine’s envelopes

You have 12 days until Valentine’s to surprise your kids each day with love notes (or anything you can think of that will make their day even more special ) inside this Valentine’s felt envelopes.

I got this fabulous idea from these ladies.

I made them last year and I got them out a few days ago. So far, my kids have found, aside from love notes, treats, coupons for play dates and outings, inspirational quotes, pictures, etc.

To make them you will need:

Felt sheets 12x18 size of any color of your choice(1 sheet .75 at Hobby Lobby)

Embroidery floss and needle


Decorative trim (white)

Hot glue gun




I took two sheets of felt of the same color. I cut one of the sheets of felt in half to make a piece that is 9 x 12 inches in size. This will be the front of the envelope.Next I cut a half circle out of this 9×12 inch front sheet (I used a round plate to make the half a circle).

The other 12×18 piece will be the back of the envelope and the triangular flap. I estimated the angles to make the envelope flap, traced it with a pencil and ruler and then cut along the line with scissors.

So here are the two pieces that make up the envelope: the back piece with the envelope flap, and the front piece with the half-circle.

Heart 1

Then I hot glued the front and back pieces together. Subsequently I added the embellishments on the front. First the embroidery floss:

Heart 2

and the decorative trim (also with the glue gun)

Heart 3

Once it was done I made hearts with the remaining felt and hot glued it on the tip of the flap.

Heart 5

I used the ribbon to hang them up from their bedroom doors so that they can  find their little surprises each morning when they wake up.



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  1. You know what, Vivian? You're slowly turning me into someone who might actually be starting to be OK with Valentine's Day!!

  2. super cute, I'll have to share these with my niece!

  3. Holy cow, this is TOO CUTE! I'm totally trying this!

  4. Love this idea! So easy and cute!!

  5. oh my goodness those are so CUTE!
    I really need to make some for next year..
    my kids would love them :)

  6. Those are adorable! They look awesome.

  7. very nice pics!!! following you now...

    visit my blog!!!



  8. Those are soooooo cute!!!!! I'm planning on getting into felt crafting so will have to add this to my little pinterest felt folder :))

  9. Okay, those are seriously adorable! I love this idea!!

  10. Oh my gosh, this is too cute :)

  11. Those are so cute! Love them, you are so crafty :)
    I emailed you, the cute baby outfit your sent arrived.. Thank you!!!

  12. Hey Vivian! That is so cute and sweet
    Nothing beats DIY projects..they are the best art from the heart :)

  13. I am totally trying this..when give a touch to Gift Card envelopes. thanks for share it.