February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Hi Friends! I haven’t done Awkward and Awesome Thursdays for a while. I should do them more often. They are sure FUN!

**Flakes, Flakes Flakes! If there is an attribute of the person I’ve become, that would be: Reliable. Maybe the next step now is for me to learn to accept those who are not. But for now, let me just say: I can’t stand people without a word. Poor them. How do they make it in life? Just saying….

**My childhood friend is gone. And I miss her terribly already. She brought a piece of home to me. What a happy upbringing we had and she certainly, like no one else, reminded me of that. 405174_10150518710304895_572864894_8727542_381753234_n

 **My other childhood friend’s birthday was the other day, too and I couldn’t get a hold of her. Technology failed me and I was SO MAD. Why do we have to rely on technology so much these days?

**Women and their drama. So you walk through life innocently to find out there are “haters” or shall I rather say: a bit of jealousy out there and you don’t even know what you did to them. Their loss, their wasted energy, not mine.

**It’s gray. Utah weather is BAD. No color, no sun, just gray.


**With the excuse it’s Valentine’s day, my awesome friend took some pictures of us (To be posted soon).Very low key, very improvised and you know what? They turned out the best! Sometimes the best things aren’t planned. And have I told you enough that Valentine’s is my absolute favorite holiday?  74872412524629389_elVP0EIb_c

**And talking about photo shoots: SO good to know that there’s beauty out there without a need to be photoshoped; it wouldn’t be the real thing, right?  As far as me and my family goes, expect the real thing, as always :)

**The store, you know, the one I told you I keep in business; well, they had their awesome “buy one pair of boots, get another pair completely FREE” sale. And I walked away with more than a handful of pairs. Shoes make me happy! Anyone else?IMG_20120201_194930

 **Pilates!  I do the whole works: Zumba, Spin, Weight training, etc but a few months ago I incorporated Pilates to my routine. Oh Goodness! I think this has to be the most challenging of all workouts, and therefore, the most rewarding. And here I was pre-pilates thinking I was fit (not). My new mantra: “I can do hard things” “I can do hard things.” And to you Pilates: I’m hooked!

**Breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe with my best friend (and childless) and my three little ones who can only stay seated long enough to give you time to order. She is pregnant and already made up her mind she only wants one child. The whole “child wandering” syndrome my kids suffer from,  got her too scared. I tell her she should not base her decision solely on me and my kids. At least they are good great with the camera (ha!) IMG_20120129_123739

**My son is a Karate KID. He is turning our two-year-old daughter into one, too. Can’t even describe the hysteria that as a family we experience as we hear and see these words coming out of her mouth (loudly): “KIA!” “INSIDE SWORD,” “OUTSIDE SWORD,” “NOSE PUNCH”…together with the actions. She is intense. 

**Talented and gifted daughter has been chosen to do a solo at the annual dance recital. At the same time, she is in the run to obtain a scholarship for next years dance-school tuition based on achievement and excellent performance. She is quite THE DANCER (and the piano player, and the guitar player...) Ok I’ll stop bragging now.  I have an awesome daughter and that makes my life pretty AWESOME!


Wishing you all an AWESOME Thursday!


  1. Hey! We totally had our wedding brunch at Mimi's cafe! That place is sooo delicious!

    1. LOVED this post mama! OMGosh. Shoes make me happy too... but boots make me EXTRA happy! What a bargain, & they're super duper cute too!

  2. Yay for new shoes!! Can't wait to see the pictures :)
    Beautiful talented kids!!

  3. Can't wait to see your VDAY pictures :)

  4. yay for new shoes especially cute ones

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! def a HUGE shoes fanatic


  6. Great post! I love Mimi's Cafe and without kids--how perfect! :) My youngest can't be trusted at restaurants right now.

    And I like your take on the drama. I've wasted too much energy wondering why people are unkind. I'm over it too...I think. Thankfully, most are nice. :)

  7. Hi Vivian! I believe for every negative thing that happens, a positive thing is about to take place too. At least now you have your kids, friends and of course the beautiful shoes. I love shoes too. It never fails to make me happy. LOL

    Smile! everything will turn out fine

  8. The haters/jealousy thing is so lame. A few friends were attacked this week and it was really hard to standby and watch grown adults act like such fools.

    Oh pilates are the absolute best and I walk away with some sore limbs EVERYTIME.

  9. can't wait to see which pictures you like the best :D And the boots...you know i'm jealous (but I won't be bitter about it)!

  10. I'm OBSESSED with boots this season...and buy one get one free?? What an awesome deal!
    ♥ Kyna

  11. Love this post!! Those are a lot of boots, what a great deal :) And the karate kids cracked me up, you should post pictures of them in action ;)


  12. well awesome always stands out from the awkward moments! happy v-day!

  13. Oh gosh, I knooooowwwww what you mean about crazy girl drama. I'm friends with guys mor than girls, but can I say that sometimes guys have crazy and stupid drama too??! So dumb. Sometimes people are dumb. Ha!

    Also, I just barely moved to Utah and I love it! The weather is SO MUCH BETTER than I thought it would be!

    Love, a California native :)