January 5, 2012

Still here…and a Real Housewife visiting today!


Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic new year. I haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth, I’m still here…just not really here. I’m on vacation and it’s pretty hard to blog while you are out of your routine. I miss you and promise will be back ready to rumble blogland next week. In the meantime I leave you with a special friend who will give you a small glance of her wonderful world. Jenn from Riverton Housewives is one of those very special mothers and human beings. I admire her and feel so blessed to not only have met her but to be able to see her in person and have our children become friends. In addition she is as FUN as can be. Go check her out!

Take it away Jenn!


Hello to all of you *A Dance For 5* readers.  I am so excited that Vivian invited me to share our blog with you and hope you'll have time to come visit our blog. I'm Jenn from over at Riverton Housewives.

I'm a pretty busy stay at home mom to my 7 kiddos and wife to my wonderful husband.

We Housewives are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our blog and we're pretty excited about it.  We're still learning and growing and figuring out all this blogging stuff but we're sure having fun with it!
I have had a personal/family blog for years where I've documented our lives and posted more pictures than probably any blog has the right of having.  The Housewife blog came about one LONG drive to San Francisco with some of my most favorite ladies (the rest of the housewives) when we were talking about all the fun that we have and that we should probably share with the rest of the world :)
Since it is now officially 2012 and we are past the holiday season the stores are throwing Valentine candy and decorations our direction I thought I'd share some of our past Valentine classroom/friend treats.  One of my goals is always to get the kids involved, the Valentines are from them and I want them to be able to get excited and have fun.
So without further ado here are some of our Valentines.
(a little note, sadly no tutorials because these are from back in the personal blogging days)
One year the oldest was very against giving candy for Valentine's day! They say "you're the *apple* of my eye!, "ORANGE" you glad we're friends! and "I'm BANANAS for you Valentine!"  Just little Ziploc bags with notes printed up on red & pink paper with Valentine ribbon attached.
These say Have a BEARY great Valentine's Day, You're SO Beary nice and I'm Beary glad we're friends. They have teddy grahams, candy hearts and gummy bears in them.
Miss A REALLY wanted to do gum instead of my other ideas and you know me, I'm ALL about pleasing the children :D So her's say "I *chews* you Valentine! or Valentine I *chews* you!  These we taped onto the notes and she got to do most of the taping.
I'm sure you've seen this one but she had so much fun cutting out all those flowers
Tutorials for both are Here.
Last year was one of the most intensive projects we did.  The girls are getting older and so we're able to tackle harder projects.
I can't tell you how much these would cost you to make because thanks to others I had all the supplies on hand.
They had to take each of the flat backed marbles and trace them onto paper and then cut them out (since they're all different shapes) 
Once we had them all cut out and matched up the went through their lists of classmates and wrote 1st initials on each of the printed sides of the paper.
Here they are all finished.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the paper to the marbles and that worked great.  I suggest something stronger to attach the bail to the back of the marble.
After that the girls got to work putting the key rings through the bails (that was a project for sure).
I know the kids probably don't have many keys but around here key chains hanging from the backpack zippers are pretty popular.
Here they are, all packaged up with some candy (since candy is a requirement it seems!)
I hope these give you some ideas for the upcoming Valentine holiday and of course we'd love to see your Valentine projects as well.
Thanks again Vivian for letting me share some of our crafts with you!
Happy 2012!!!
-- ~Jenn check out our blog http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/

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  1. i love how the kids are sooo involved in their projects..awesome way to give back!