January 9, 2012

Southern California Adventures


As you know I was gone and this time Southern California was the destination for our vacation. We were lucky enough to go with family. This made it so much easier in terms of traveling with kids because of all their help. I know that as grandparents, the opportunity to spend never-ending hours with the grandchildren, is a precious gift, and in return, my children will not only have some cherished memories with them, but love them even more; for time…equals love. At least in my book.

So how do you condensed 10 days worth of pictures? I’ve done my best and here are some of the highlights. Enjoy!


**We visited among others Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. I think few people in life get to have a friend with a star on the walk of fame. I’m one of those. And also, like I like to call it: A star with another star:333099_10150461989764895_572864894_8523596_420977775_o



**We did Disneyland as well. Two years ago, at this same time, we were in Disneyworld (Florida), so I can say with assurance, that this is my most favorite time of the year to visit Disney. With all the holiday spirit floating in the air, the abundance of Christmas decorations and the shows all geared towards Christmas, your experience becomes truly magical. Even though we live in Utah, we’ve been to Disney a handful of times and we cannot get enough of it. They sure live up to their motto: The happiest place on earth!321934_10150471895689895_572864894_8572030_2038957217_o

Below: The castle light up at night; Rapunzel, the new “celebrity'” in Fantasyland and baby mesmerized as she plays with her hair; Tinker Bell making a wish come true for baby of meeting life; Grandma’s first Disney visit with the grandkids; Star Wars dudes; Famous Dumbo; My high speed car race with my son (not looking forward to when he turns 16). Pictures6-1


**Part of our time, we spent in the San Diego area. In honor of the countless times I’m on the floor picking up Lego pieces or (even better) the times of me screaming because I stepped on one of them, we took the Lego- obsessed 5-year-old boy to LEGOLAND, aka heaven for little boys. Did I mention HEAVEN? 336674_10150463663614895_572864894_8529916_498488782_o What an AMAZING place! Everything you can possibly imagine (and not imagine) is made out of Legos, so colorful it keeps you awake. And on top of the list: fast moving lines. We liked it so much we went back to the place a second time.Pictures7-1


**We had days at the beach with friends. The pacific waters are cold but the kids didn’t mind at all. With the 80 degree weather, I happily laid out while some others decided to get buried in the sand. We spent our childhood during the holidays and New Years just like that: in the ocean. What a better way to do it again with the same people we used to share those moments with, showing our children the way it used to be.

But how abut the funny pelican on the pier who thrived on posing for pictures with all sorts of strangers? Well that is a new story of its own.Downloads11

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you more.


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  1. what a wonderful trip and i'm jealous you got to meet tink i have yet to do that on all my trips to Disney.

  2. It looks like such a great time. A perfect family vacation...

  3. So glad you had fun! Your San Diego pics are in our stomping grounds. : ) We have Legoland passes and that's the beach we go to.

  4. Hold up a second - you know SHAKIRA?!? Awesome.
    And can I just tell you how adorable all of your outfits were that entire trip?! You look great!
    You have such a beautiful family, and I love seeing how happy you are as a wife and mother.

  5. I'm so glad you guys had such a blast! I'm sure the kiddos loved being at Disney. Such a fun place :-)

  6. What fun fun memories for your sweet fam to look back on! LOVE your lil star, w/ shakira pic. Btw, holy cow woman, you are super pretty!

  7. Looks like an AMAZING vacation! I'm so glad you guys had fun! I can tell that your kiddos will NEVER forget these memories! Look at all the smiles on their faces!
    ♥ Kyna

  8. Looks like you had a blast! I love all your pictures! And hold up - you're friends with Shakira??

    We are trying to save up for a Disneyland trip...fingers crossed!

  9. These pictures are GREAT!! It looks like you had a blast!!! Thanks for the comment. I always appreciate it!

    All The Love In The Universe

  10. So much fun! Love the picture where your daughter is by Shakira's star! Too cute!

  11. Looks sooo fun! How wonderful! I love family trips like that! ;)

  12. What a FUN vacation!!! I live in CA and I've never even been to Hollywood. The pics are just awesome!

  13. That looks like an AMAZING family vacation!!! Lots of fun I'm sure!

  14. That looks like it was a great family vacation! And what an awesome picture in front of the "Shakira" star, esta increible!

  15. Looks like you had an amazing trip! I love your daughter with the Shakira Star! That had me smiling ear to ear!

  16. Awesome pics Vivian!! We have been where you have been and had loads of fun so I know just how many memories you have made with your trip!! Why did I think you were going to Disneyland Paris?? Mmm, I don't know.
    Anyhow, I loved looking through these, and I hope your bag has made it back to you safely too!!
    Are you friends with Shakira??

  17. You were all around my neck of the woods! Glad you had a great time. And yes, I like places like Legoland or Knott's Berry Farm almost more than Disney as way less crowded and cheaper!

    Great great pictures