January 17, 2012

Single in Salt Lake City

I’m not single, nor have any plans of being single. Nothing against single people, it’s just that time of my life has been long gone.

I do have quite a few single friends. All of them due to divorce. This post is not about marriage but in case you would like to know my position on it I will tell you: I BELIVE in marriage. I believe that it is basic for a good-functioning society and the upbringing of children who will contribute to a better world. With that said, I also know marriage is hard, but it’s good. It’s a good thing… and we work hard to maintain it. I don’t know how I would do it alone. I admire those who do.

At the same time it's not my intention to offend anybody. These are my own perceptions and views.


So my two really good friends, both divorced, found each other somewhere along the path of singlehood. I couldn’t be any happier for them. The other night we double dated. They proposed we did something different by trying a new place. We went to a single adult dance, where “luckily” there were no entrance restrictions if you were married. Therefore, Amor and I got in with a two for one deal. Yahoo!!IMG_20120107_220702

I know it’s Utah and a large piece of its population is married but the “minority” is still catered with the goals of getting them finally married, I suppose.  A single adult dance is a very common activity held here, mostly among Mormons (Note: these dances are not sponsored by the LDS church. They are put on by a specific organization or group who happen to be Mormon).They hold these dances seeking for an atmosphere different from the clubs where alcohol and other non-Mormon values are prevalent. I personally go to this club downtown because it’s the only and best place for me to Latin dance and that’s what I do. I go for the dancing nothing else. And I enjoy it so very much.

These dances also give single people the opportunity to meet. I used to go to those, many many times when I was single, and they were fun. But boy how things have changed now…

Upon entrance we found this:IMG_20120107_215611
and I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!

Shortly after, the sign started making sense because as we looked around everybody looked at least 40 or older. And there was so much obesity that you could understand why their hearts could fail.  They actually fed you at this dance. But look what you got:IMG_20120107_224132

And they were playing top 40…I’m sorry but that music just didn’t suit most of the people there well.  I asked the DJ if he could play Shakira (because I was hoping to give this dance some flavor) and he said her music and videos were too “immoral” but yet every other song he played was Pitbull who sings about getting drunk and naked women. (Hello?!!)

Amor and I didn’t fit in, nor did our friends. What a surreal experience, really. Such a different world. Not many pretty people...I don’t know why not stay looking young and charming as you age….or at least try. I don’t get it. Most of the men there looked like they hadn’t gone shopping for new clothes in ages and the women…ughhh…I’m not even getting into that…

I suggest that if you are in your 40’s or 50’s  you should be doing partner dancing and not top 40 unless you want to look like a fool.  But if you really insist and you are really in the mood for Pitbull and dancing in front of your mirror is not enough…then go to Zumba!

I’m sticking with Latin dancing at my lovely place downtown.

I’m sticking with my marriage. I am grateful I found a good man. I’m grateful Amor and I are in this together.

I’m sure grateful I don’t have to worry about the lack of choices. Because that’s the reality I saw in just that one night.

I’m sure grateful I’m not single in Salt Lake City! (Ha!)


  1. Ohhhh I just loved this post. I've been single in Salt Lake City and I've been married in Salt Lake City. I'd definitely have to agree that being married there is my preference. I too have been to the dance club downtown which was far different from any dance club I was used to in my hometown of DC. However, I know it was a fun place for so many people and the variety of music was nice.

    I can't believe they wouldn't play Shakira. Really?? Pitbull is far worse. Oh well. Still sounds like it was an interesting night for you and your friends :)

  2. Hahahhahahaahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry, this was great. I love it!
    Now I know - married in SLC > single in SLC.
    Thank goodness I got the marriage thing done before 40. That wasn't meant to be offensive, just glad I don't have to deal with the whole meat market of the single life.

  3. LOL.... this is hilarious! OMGosh. That sign, priceless! LOVED this post Vivian!!

    Shakira... imoral... really?! Pitbull... an angel.... wow!

  4. So glad I stopped by your blog ! It is really cute! Love your layout too! And your night looked so fun in SLC! Glad to follow you !

    The Magnolia Pair


  5. I caught only a few minutes of the tv new years ball drop pre party and it was when pitbull was singing and I do groove to a lot of his tunes so I left it. Oh my it was so bad. He looked like he was having a stroke! never seen such bad fist pumping. Maybe because it was cold maybe because he could not see with his dark sunglasses on at 9 in the evening. Who knows.

  6. I'm kind of speechless. top forty? really? And yet shakira is immoral?

  7. Loved this post... by the way, the sign is epic haha. Man oh man, can't believe they had all that junk food there.

  8. YAY for marriage! This post makes me appreciate my hubs even more :)

  9. I don't think those people go to those dances to dance. they are there for the candy buffet! :p

  10. Oh man I laughed out loud too at that sign!!! SO sad! And, I totally agree with you about maintaining your appearance- married or not. It's the word of wisdom even! Eat healthy! Don't eat sick halloween leftover candy over carrot sticks and brocolli! Be classy! hahaha.

  11. Go team marriage. It's def. work, but it's also fun. And Yay for latin dancing in the city. You go girl. Get your dancing on!

  12. This brought back memories! I had some really fun single dances and some terrible ones. But I miss dances! I love that you still go! Maybe I'll get my husband to take me country dancing one of these years.

    Glad your friends found each other! :)

  13. I absolutely LOVE this post! I believe in marriage too! It's awesome that you got a two-for-one deal at the dance.


    Best wishes,


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    writing about guys]