January 20, 2012

One Beautiful Life

Hello Friends! I have a wonderful lady visiting today. Krista from One Beautiful Life has a gem of a blog. Krista has never failed to inspire me since I’ve been visiting her blog. This particular post brought tears of joy and made me start my day with hope and a smile on my face. Continue on and you will see what I mean. 
Take it away Krista!
Hi Everyone!

I'm Krista and I write over at One Beautiful Life 
where I celebrate all things naturally beautiful including my family,
food, and photography.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

[Set Scene: I have just finished putting the kids to bed and folding the laundry. The chances of my littlest one actually sleeping are slim to none, but I am going to act like she is. A glass of bordeaux has been poured and I am nibbling some dark chocolate. The hubby is in London, watching a Grammy nominated artist conducting a recording session with his professional choir as I sit alone in my living room in Cambridge, England.]

When I was younger, I suppose in my pre-teen and teen years, I always thought 30 would be the perfect age. I imagined myself, settled and married to a very handsome, very tall, very rich doctor, or lawyer or architect. I thought about how, by then, I would have matured into a very secure, confident and wise woman ready and willing to impart my knowledge and counsel on impressionable young minds. I pictured my adorable children, David and Charlotte, running around, yet playing very politely and contently with each other, as I cooked a fabulous meal that they all would love. I would map out plans for our rather large but comfortable home complete with a spacious porch overlooking the ocean.

Fast-forward and here we are: one month from my 30th birthday. And while I have two adorable children and a wonderful husband, that is about where the similarities end. We are anything but settled and the thought of imparting wisdom makes me run in fear of what I might say. But the funny thing is that I take a look around me, the opportunities that I have had, married to...a musician [gasp!], the blessings I have experience through my children, one of which has designer genes, and our funny little transient life and it seems like anything but a tragedy that I am not living the life I always dreamed of. Never would I have dreamed of living abroad. Never would I have dreamed of meeting the people I have through being a parent of a special needs child and never would I have dreamed of having the freedom to explore, experience and capture every moment of this One Beautiful Life that I am living.

Picnicking on New Years Day

Because sometimes, even the life we dream of is not nearly as wonderful as the life God has planned for us. It's just that our finite minds cannot even fathom the amazing plans that He has in store if we only keep our eyes on Him. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful! It's great to have dreams, but never force. Let go and let life unfold the way it's supposed to! wonderfully said.

  2. I was just thinking how different my life is compared to what I thought it would be like as I was driving in the car earlier today. How funny to come home and read this. I too have a musician husband and a child with special needs. I'm excited to be your newest follower!

  3. Beautiful Krista. Loved it. Can't wait to see your birthday celebrations! You celebrate well.

  4. Aw so beautiful ! Have a wonderful bday celebration !!

    The Magnolia Pair