January 29, 2012

A Lucky Visit

Not too much can top that joy and excitement of being able to spend a few days with a childhood friend. We both came from far away, but at least having her live across the country from me seems less of odyssey than living two continents away. I am brought back to my childhood, I am brought back to the good old life, I am brought back to home when she is around.

I’m glad Utah didn’t scare her enough the first time to keep her from coming back. In matter fact, she has grown in love with the culture here and the pretty mountains. Maybe I can convince her to move someday and then I could have more of home with me.

Sushi, Greek kabobs, sancocho, empanadas, all  things dulce de leche were amongst the many culinary experiences we had. We went dancing, ice-skating, museum touring, and delighted ourselves in the bond our children have developed, just like her and I.

And as simple as that, I consider myself lucky! Lucky for long lasting friendships, Lucky to have her!



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  1. How great is that!!!! What special memories you have created!

  2. I love that even though you are far apart, you are still able to get together! What true friends!

  3. so wonderful to have a lifelong friend like that! :) thanks for sharing with us Vivian! the is such a great photo. :)

  4. How great to have a friend for life! And one that spans such a far way away. I'm glad you two were able to spend time together -- it looks/sound like you were able to have a great time.

    I hope you and yours are off to a good start this week! <3

  5. Nothing better than amazing friendships!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. How awesome, so glad you were able to spend some time together!