December 22, 2011

Posada Time

So this was the second year for our Posada. And this year it was held at my house. Last year, as friends we decided that we would keep this tradition going. And so we did.

A posada is a get together of family and friends. It’s done for nine consecutive days until the 24th of December. We rotate homes each night. Everyone brings a dish to share, we sing traditional Spanish Christmas songs, and there is even a piƱata for the kids involved.

I didn’t take many pictures, not even of the kids. But we had a ton of kids, and of course, they were excited to be able to have a “late night” just like their parents. I was told that night that “only at a Latin party would you find 7- month-old babies awake at midnight.” Oh C’mon! It’s the HOLIDAYS! And we like to celebrate…and we are trained to do so since we are young!

Some dishes from the menu included: Tamales – Mexico,  Papas a la huancaina – Peru, Flautas – Mexico, Au Gratin Potatoes – America, Deditos (cheese sticks) - Colombia Downloads4 

Some of the girls!Downloads9-2

Some of the cool dudes!DSC_0173

Our handsome “gringo” husbandsDownloads8 

And the small representation of one of our many differences: sense of fashion (ha!)DSC_0199

It’s almost here: Christmas! I have enjoyed sharing with you a little bit of my world and how my traditions are incorporated into this special time. I will publish my final “Christmas” post tomorrow and then I’m off blogging to get some very-well-deserved warmth and sunshine. Loving the Holidays and hope you are, too!

Happy Thursday Friends!


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  1. Looks like a total blast and such a fun bunch!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! The food looks delicious. The shoes pic made me laugh. So great!

  3. Oh wow. This sounds like SO much fun! What an awesome tradition!

  4. wow! that is so amazing. i love get togethers. which means i srsly can't wait to get home to my family and celebrate. :) today was our last day of skiing. kinda glad cuz my muscles are screaming at me. :)

    thanks for stopping by our little bloggy.


  5. this tradition sounds fun...we are trying to keep it real with tamales in our family...i love it!

  6. I love the nine days of celebrating with friends. Great tradition. Having the kids up for the late nights is one of my favorite things about getting together. Lot's of memories!

  7. What a great tradition! Your food is making me so hungry right now! I would like to be a Posada party crasher and steal some. :)

  8. I love the idea of Posada Vivian! Very festive and what a good way to bond with your loved ones. Meryy Christmas Vivian!