December 6, 2011

Christmas Traditions and Giveaway


Hi Everyone!

I prepared two special posts today as part of the Home for the Holidays series that two of my favorite bloggy friends, living in one of my favorite places (Germany), have put together. Please come visit me there!

With Daryl you will get the most sought after Colombian recipe during the Holidays there. You will LOVE IT!

And with Alyx I go into detail about the different fun and unique Christmas traditions I grew up with and how I’ve incorporated them to my life as a mom and wife here in America. You will sure enjoy to read them…just don’t call me “crazy” (Ha!)



I am so excited to tell you I will be announcing a giveaway on Thursday. And every week until Christmas there will be a new giveaway for you. The Holidays are upon us and I have such gratitude for you and for making this year a better one for me. It’s the least I can do for you, for your comments, for your loyalty. I HEART my followers.

**For the upcoming giveaways you will have to read both of my guest post from today because the only entry requirement will have to do with them**