November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Bottles

I can’t believe I’m already blogging a second time around during this time of the year. Last year I made a gratitude tree for my kids. Each and every day they would write on leaves what they were grateful for and then place the leaves on the branches. At the beginning the tree was just a bunch of empty branches, by the time Thanksgiving arrived, it had turned into a full and gorgeous tree. See the post here.

gratitude treeb

Although I liked the idea of a gratitude tree so much, I had to experiment with something new. I saw this idea on Pinterest. (The pin eventually leads you to this website) And you know me, I had to try what I saw.

Purchase brown glass bottles. I tried finding Root Beer ones but the ones I found had roughness on the surface. You want the surface of the bottles to be smooth and flat. So I ended up buying Beer. For the record, I don’t drink, let alone buy beer. This specific beer was non-alcoholic and I still got ID...that’s Utah for you (HA!).

I know there are more efficient ways of removing labels but I simply soaked them in hot water for about 15 minutes. Even 15 minutes are precious to me. I used that time to clean the bathrooms after a sleepless night from kids throwing up (Yuck!) By the time I was done with such horrific labor, the labels were very easy to peel from the bottles.

After the bottles had dried out, I glued the vinyl letters to the bottles and added the Fall foliage. (You can get a full tutorial here).



Do you like it? If you do, you now have the chance to make this same easy, inexpensive and fun project.  I am giving away the “THANKS” vinyl letters exactly as you see them on the pictures to one lucky reader (all you have to do is come up with your own bottles).

To enter you MUST do this 2 simple steps (please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry) 
1. You must be a follower of my blog
2.  Like me on Facebook

For additional entries:
-Leave me a comment telling me what you are GRATEFUL for today-

I am keeping this giveaway open until Saturday the 12th at midnight (MST). Winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following day.

Good Luck my friends! I am so GRATEFUL for YOU!

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  1. Wow! What a great idea! Hahaha I love that you went out and bought beer just for the sake of a craft, it makes me smile! That seriously turned out SO cute, though!

  2. i love the gratitude tree idea, i can't wait till my kids will be old enough to write what they're thankful for, i will have to remember to that with them. you're so creative, the bottles came out looking great!

  3. I've been wanting to do a gratitude tree. Yours turned out great! And I'd love to try your other craft.

  4. So I am obviously a follower of your blog...
    And I'm grateful for family, and all that they do for me!

  5. I love this! I hope you will link it up to the CSI project Thursday for the Thanksgiving/Fall challenge.
    You will have a chance to win the top prize or the great giveaway!
    Come on by!!! And every week for a new challenge.

  6. This is a great project. I love it. :) I want to do this myself.

  7. Gimme gimme!!!

    I am obsessed with the fact you bought beer.....sinner :)but they seriously turned out adorable!!!

    Post more decorating ideas. Love it!

  8. what a great idea for thanksgiving time. very cute

  9. How adorable is this?!? Both ideas are good ones!!!

    BTW - In case you're wondering why I'm your newest follower, I had to unfollow and refollow you to get your blog updates to show up in my dashboard list. Something funky happened to it a week ago and like half the blogs on there weren't showing up right. So weird. Anyhoo...just thought I'd explain that! :o)

  10. Very cute! Love the font too, I think it's perfect :)

  11. Love that. I have a ton of bottles around and it will be amazing to try that it. And love your tree too. I've been trying to make one for a while now. Just need a few more supplies :-)

  12. Hahaha- I LOVE that you had to buy beer :) That would be the weirdest feeling! They turned out so dang cute!
    And the thanks tree... I LOVE!

  13. Those turned out so beautiful! I love it.

  14. I found you through a serious of links! I love stumbling upon great blogs! And something I'm grateful for is the days I don't have to go to work ( holidays, etc) because I get to stay home and clean and be with my kiddo. Who knew I'd ever be grateful to clean! :) thanks for your awesome ideas. Can't wait for more!

  15. I am grateful for my family and this time of year that I will be able to see some of my extended family.
    And I follow your blog of course.

  16. What a cute idea!! I follow your blog and liked your Facebook page.

    ourlittlecorner (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. I am thankful I am not hungry. So many are but not only do I have food everyday I have choices.

  18. Those bottles are super de-duper cute! Thanks for sharing!