November 19, 2011


So in case you haven’t heard, I’m all YOURS! Go here and ask me anything you’ve wanted to know about me. ANYTHING! Come on, don’t be shy!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you are planning on giving out gifts I think these make the cut!


here via Pinterest


The idea was to do this throughout the year but never too late right? A Memory Jar. Add memories throughout the year and read them on New Years Eve. I’m starting today. Who is going to join me?

74872412524564957_Q1TfK2RD_chere via Pinterest


Did you know this? plastic bag, vinegar and rubber band, and that’s all you need to get rid of the hard water stains and yuckyness in your shower head.

74872412524627238_2MpWS0ed_chere via Pinterest


Garlic chicken puffs out of crescent rolls? See why I LOVE crescent rolls! You can make pretty much anything you want with them and they taste SO GOOD!

74872412524623238_kG60zqQr_c here via Pinterest


Would you like to transform your look in a fantastic way? Hair tinsels! Bet you can find good use to them for the holiday parties coming up. I know I will.

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Flamenco anyone? I want to dance Flamenco with this dress so bad.

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And I guess I must be in SPANISH mode: Burgundy Street in Madrid. Please take me there!!



Couldn’t be said any better

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And Pinterest just knows me too WELL (HA!)



  1. the garlic puffs look yummy and great tip about the shower head

  2. That's so me when I paint my nails :)

  3. Great finds! The thankful jar is a great idea, I should do that as well! Love all of these :)

  4. Las fotos estan buenisimas. La idea de la ducha es genial y la primera foto me parece que es un regalo ideal para esta epoca.
    Que tal la delicia con los Crescent rolls??? Para chuparse los dedos!
    Saludos desde California!

  5. hhaha totally how my hands look when i do my nails

  6. I understand about looseing your social security card that such an important doc. And now they will only issue so many I think 4 or 5 replacements in your LIFE time. So keep mine in a safe. 12 years ago I lost my US passport. I think it accidently got thrown in the trash I was so upset. And that is ALL you need to prove your identity. A passport trumps all papers document and lets you do everything. And a not expired (then) US one can you imagine.

    Oh and the glitter hair that is cute I see myself doing that!

  7. hahahah that nails one is SO me.
    and i looove spain (photos, anyway, since i have never been!) but it's definitely on my list. mainly barcelona.
    crescent rolls are something i'm REALLY going to miss being vegan... :/

  8. There should be a "like" button to all of these!!! :-)

  9. Hi Vivian! I love the idea of the memory jar. I would love to do it too!

  10. whoa.. must love that place in madrid..take me with you when you go there! =)


  11. I am going to have to try that shower cleaning thing with vinegar! AND the Thanksgiving trail mix gift is a great idea!

    Check out my blog & giveaway:

  12. so many good posts in this! LOVED the memory jar idea - i should do that starting in january. sometimes i forget amazing things .. not cool. totally wish i could get my hands on those tinsel hair extentions for NYE.. so fun!