November 14, 2011

Proud MAMI moment (with lines in between)


Mac and Cheese has become my biggest torture when offered to my kids. I don’t feed myself or my family with processed or unnatural foods. Ok I take that back, most of the time I try not to do it. (Plus we REALLY like Chick Fil A, but at least that’s a healthier alternative to the Big Mac right?)

For those of you moms or individuals, who have decided to embark in this journey of “we are what we eat,” you know how HARD it is to pass it on to your children. There is a lot, I mean a LOT, of whining and complaining. The peer pressure and the media don’t make it any easier. Even those close to you, who don’t believe in the same way of living as you do, don’t support you in this quest. Sometimes it’s just unavoidable given the culture in which we live in and in the way the schools are run (more so in this state).  But how do I know what I’m doing is even worth the effort?

When you daughter tells you that the school lunch choices that day were Mac and Cheese and Salmon Sandwich. The line was out the door for the Mac and cheese (of course); my daughter (regardless of the long line or not) and one other child were the only ones, out of the whole second grade class, who happily stood in the Salmon line. A proud moment for me! 

And talking about lines: H&M, one of my favorite stores for years, just opened here a few days ago. The other day, not on opening day, the wait to get in: Two hours. As much as I love the store, think I was going to waist two hours of my time standing in line? Don’t think so.


Maybe people thought the same as me but they changed their mind once they found a DJ had started the party. Made the wait more pleasant I guess…I still didn’t stand in line, but got my picture of a historic moment in the shopping world in Salt Lake City (HA!).




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The winner of the vinyl letters giveaway is Lex. Congratulations Lex!

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Thanksgiving bottles I made, go here.


Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. This is cute, and shows that you are raising her well :)

  2. It is SO hard to feed my family good natural foods all the time. First they make it so expensive to buy all organic/local foods. And I have found that my mommy friends don't seem to care what goes in their kids bodies (pop tarts for breakfast!! Ick!) But I think as long as our kids are eating well the majority of the time, they will be fine! Good for you mama! :)

  3. OMG I would NEVER wait in that line, that's just craziness!!

  4. H&M opened a store here in Tampa last week. I didn't hear how long the lines were but I'm waiting a week or so until all the excitement dies down a little bit.

  5. Que linda tu nina y claro que te debes sentir muy orgullosa de ella!
    A mi me gusta mucho ir a H&M porque cambian la ropa frecuentemente y se ven cosas de todos los estilos. Cuentanos que compraste!
    Saludos desde Caifornia!

  6. We just got an H&M at our city too. I'm excited because they have the cutest blazers and I love blazers for work. They are professional and they will hide my leftover pregnancy pounds I'm still trying to shed. (but I do eat mac n cheese)

  7. Thats wonderful. I struggle with my oldest eating only 7 things it is frustrating and we keep trying to introduce new stuff and he will starve himself not to eat it.

  8. Wow, that's what you call the ultimate mommy achievement.

    I never bought anything from H&M because we don't have an outlet in my country. I'm sure the scenario will be the same once it opens here. Hopefully!

    Wishing you a great day ahead Vivian!

  9. Eating healthy and right is hard. When it was just me, I could and would eat anything. But now that I have a son, we try to stay away from the processed foods.

    H&M is one of my favorite stores, too. How exciting! I would NOT stand in that line, though. LOL!

  10. I walked through an H&M this weekend and we had to giggle a little at the large amount of fur in there :) My friend's husband said it looked like we were dressing for Alaska :D I like you will wait til the lines die down before I try to go again!

  11. so funny! you would think that the people standing in life are those who have been deprived of H&M for years, but sadly I had some of my in-laws waiting at 8AM for the doors to open when they are from Cali and have had access, lol! the things we do for fashion!

  12. what a great moment and what an awesome kid