November 23, 2011


I wrote this post as a guest in my friend Mary’s blog a little while ago. There is no better time than to share it with you NOW.

Keeping track of everything I’m grateful for heals my soul and brings me hope.

This time is not only special to me because of Thanksgiving but also because it’s when I celebrate my birthday. (I know I know, like I haven’t mentioned that enough, see here) Fortunately, my gratitude list is overflowing. But I will go over what’s on my mind TODAY:

Today I am grateful for my family. Because I will always have them. Because they make me smile, they make me cry. They give me the most joy. dec2010

I am grateful for music and dance. Because it has the ability to take me far away and for a moment forget about the problems I may be facing.Dancing Couple

I am grateful for my friends. Because their support and unconditional love cannot be measured. Because I have those who completely understand me just the way I am without judgment, and most importantly, give me the gift of laughter.310994_10150411435110211_621425210_10673927_811414481_n

I am grateful for the country in which I live. Where I can find peace and freedom. Where I can find never ending opportunities to grow and progress.sf

I am grateful for the country where I came from. Where I learned to be unique, to appreciate the simple things, to give to those in need and to see people, not things as my GREATEST fortune.n572864894_393612_1448

I am grateful for blogging. Because through it, I have been able to express the desires of my heart.

I am grateful to have the undying faith of better things to come in this life and in the next.
I am grateful for prayer for I know they are answered and my children have witnessed such miracles.

I am grateful for life. One more day of sun, one more day of snow, one more day to be grateful.

Remember: If there is anything you wonder about me and have longed to ask, this is your chance. Go here and ask me anything you want. This is your chance to get to know me better.


  1. Love this! It is too cute. I am also thankful for pretty much every single one of those things. I wish I could be thankful for dance, but I am totally uncoordinated, so that one's out for me! :)

  2. Such a great list, Vivian!!! You are such a unique person! I can't think of any specific questions to ask, but I'd love to know anything about the country you grew up in. I love hearing about other countries and their cultures!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, friend!

  3. What a beautiful list! You are truly blessed. :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!
    I just found your blog at Project Alicia and recognized the SL Temple! It´s such a beautiful Temple. I served my Mission at Temple Square. :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  6. So much to be thankful for! And great photos! Thanks for sharing them with me and Angie for Wordful Wednesday!