November 7, 2011

Giveaway winner and Cherishing my Memories

And the winner of the Paparazzi bracelets giveaway is Rheana

Congratulations Rheana!!

Don't forget to come link up tomorrow in the Cherishing my memories series. Come share about your past, something that helped you, something that touched you and made you who you are TODAY. Can't wait to see what you got.

Hope you are having a marvelous Monday friends!


  1. Im a new follower, be sure to check out my blog & enter my giveaway=)

  2. Thanks so much! I am so excited!! :)

  3. (in response to your comment on my blog)

    That is is cool about you and Sofia V. Is she ever the most beautiful person?! I remember hearing another interview with her and she was saying how there was another famous person from her town, I think Shakira? I am surprised men don't flock down there to find wives, as you and those two are all stunning and so dear. You I can tell by your writing and them by their charity and interviews. She is hilarious on Modern Family. The show does have some issues we DO NOT believe in but overall it is funny and her butchering English is a running joke.

    H&M is a great store and they have such low prices you and your girls will love. I don't have one close surprisingly but I used to in college and would shop there all the time and it was affordable.

    If it has been or hasn't been your birthday yet. Happy 29th! :)

    I always enjoy your blog and comments, thank you so much, and now I look forward to following you on FB.