November 30, 2011

Got your questions answered!

Remember this? Thank you! I had fun and here are the answers!

**Hi! I haven't been a reader here for long so I'm not sure if you've addressed this in previous posts... but I'm curious if you speak to your kids in Spanish and do they speak/understand the language fluently?

Yes, I DO speak to my kids in Spanish. It used to be easier when I only had one kid and she had no one else she could talk to, so Spanish is all she knew. She is also the one who speaks it the best compared to the other two. The kids speak English with one another but as far as mom and dad, we speak Spanish to them, even if they respond back in English. English is the language that dominates their daily activities because of school, church, etc, but luckily, in general, they are exposed to a lot of opportunities to speak Spanish since we have family and friends who are constantly around them. They have also been taught to read and write it. Still need to work a lot more on it, specially with my son but we do make it a priority to keep the language and the culture going. I can’t tell you enough how IMPORTANT this is to me and I know they will thank me for it later in their future  - not so much now :)  -

**What are your thoughts on Australia, do you picture it being a particular way in looks and culture? Does it feel so far away from where you are?
It's always nice to hear another's opinion ;)

Australia??? I would not be lying if I tell you I once thought about moving there. I still do, just not so much. We were actually planning a trip there in November but it looks like it will have to wait another year. My husband lived there for a while. I’m fascinated with his stories and every so often I will look at his pictures and wonder more about such place. The way I see it: super friendly and happy people (this would have to be the most valuable fact for me)  beach paradise, melting pot, wool, gold galore, unique wildlife and Queensland Barrier Reef. It does feel FAR. Wish it was closer and then my dream wouldn’t seem so hard to obtain :)

**Also a newish reader! So I'll ask an easier question-- Do you do your own photography? I love the B & w pics of your family across the top of your blog.

I do most of my own photography. I have a lot to learn and it’s one of those things I haven’t dedicated the right amount of time to do. I will though! I am looking forward to getting a new camera. Hoping for Christmas. The banner, as well as the nicer and more professional pictures you come across in the blog, have been done by my very talented sister-in-law.

**What made you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging because I knew I had no ordinary life. I am different from your typical Mormon, Utahn, Colombian, or whatever other title I am called. I have “been around” and seen a lot. I felt like I have so much to genuinely share with the world not only from my past but from my current views and the many experiences I live day to day, which, believe me, they are many and they keep me going and they give my life color and passion. It sure has been a FUN ride!

Let me put it this way:


**Is LDS a large religion in Columbia?
Why did you move to America?
If it was because of hubs how did you meet him?

My parents were “pioneers” of our church in my hometown of Barranquilla. When I was born they were already members of the LDS church (them and a few other families) so I have been LDS since I was born. The religion has grown so much over the years making it one of the most prevalent religions in my country after Catholicism.  The church always has been the biggest in the capital: Bogota.
I moved here to go to school and because back then that was just what everyone did after graduating from High School, at least among the social setting in which I lived. All my friends ended up abroad, except they all chose Germany;  I chose the US because I wanted to live in Utah the place where “all” foreign and out-of-state Mormons went and where BYU was located. Funny enough I didn’t end up going to BYU.
I met my husband here. I had already been living here for 6 years before I met him.

**Ever since you posted that German is your 2nd language I am curious to know more! So I am assuming you are fluent? Why did you learn? Do you have any kind of family that lives in Germany?

I grew up speaking German. Went to a German school, a private school where we learned it since kindergarten and spoke it fluent by the time we were 12 years old. Many of my friends were second generation Germans. My hometown, a melting pot, is a costal city, which brought a large influx of Europeans, Lebanese, Turks, etc. I’ve lived in Germany, gone back to visit it a few times and do have many very close friends there. Like I said in the previous question, most of my friends ended up settling there after graduation while I ended up in good old Utah!


  1. This was great Vivian!! I loved reading more about you especially why you blog. Thanks for answering my little question :)

  2. It's always great to know more about other bloggers!!

  3. Yay for other people that speak German! It's not a dead language! I love that you are trilingual, that is so cool. I guess I already knew you were, but to read it again sort of amazes me!

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  8. wow you are so talented Vivian! And I love the quote by Albert Einstein. Sometimes it is hard to put yourself out there but I can't help but think it is a better way to live

  9. It's been so nice getting to know you better Vivian. I love that you speak a few languages and that you're teaching your children spanish as well. That's something I'm doing with my daughter as well. I believe it's so important to expose them to different languages and cultures from a young age. It gives them a head start in life :-)
    Have a great weekend!

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    Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

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