November 14, 2011

Cherishing my Memories: Curly Hair

He used to have curly hair. What happened? I miss it…
When you read mother’s expressions of regret or wishful thinking about time not passing by too fast, it's all true.

Today it wasn’t only his pants who no longer fit anymore, but it was the talk about wanting to be friends with Ella (his little girl-friend) because he is “too young to marry”- good boy! Did I mention I caught those two once playing doctor? And that she actually had put a baby doll inside her shirt, which later, after he used his tool to examine her ear, “came out of her belly and was finally born?”

I miss his curly hair but I think deep inside I really miss the “baby” he used to be. I pray I can always remember to make every little moment with him count. I don’t want to live a life of regrets because I sat still when time didn’t.


  1. Hahaha, I so love this! Can't wait to have little kiddos of my own to experience these beautiful motherhood moments!

  2. haha what a cute story about the baby doll

  3. LOL. Cute story. Your son had some major curl action!
    Ill try and link up if I get a chance!

  4. Love that last sentence. You are right- time does not sit still

  5. beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Not little long enough!!!! :(

  6. Awwww... such a sweet post. He had beautiful curls! I get so teary when I look at my Miguelitos baby pictures, time goes by way too fast and that's why we need to enjoy every single second.

    P.S. Yes! You don't even have to ask me twice. When you come to NYC I will go with you to Central park and the Water Taxi :)