November 22, 2011


I foresee a great week ahead. In less than two days we will solidify, together with our loved ones, what we’ve been feeling for days: GRATITUDE. But the day after…it’s. my. BIRTHDAY! I promise you will also get a post on Thanksgiving but since it’s Cherishing your Memories today, I got really excited at sharing these:

Pictures of my early Birthdays (made in Colombia)

Join me as I tell you what I see in those pictures. Allow me to show you and maybe you will too transport yourself to my “once upon a time:”

I can see my house: Spacious, with big windows; I see me standing by them and feeling the strong November breeze.

I can see the delicious cakes my grandma with love, out of scratch, would spend hours making. I can taste them right now…and I can smell how my house did when she baked as if I was there. I miss my grandma dearly.

I can see our dinning room table. The table where we spent countless hours eating as family and blowing many candles.

I can see the handmade tablecloth my other grandma sent as a gift to my mother from far away.


I can see the dresses and outfits my mom would design. I see me going to the seamstress for measurements and fittings and my mom’s look in her face if a job hadn’t been well-done. The dresses had to look just perfect. - Wonder where I got my thrive for perfection?-


I can see how much I hated my glasses. I’ve been practically blind since I was 7 years old. Those were some ugly and humongous things.


I can see how there was that one birthday when I was recovering from varicella. I had no party. The only other children who could come to be with me were the other two who were also recovering from varicella. And my brother, of course. There had been an epidemic. Everybody else was sick as dog. My friend and I had been the first ones to get it and possibly the ones who spread it, too. (oops!)


Finally, I can see LOVE

Come link up. What do you remember from birthdays past, or Thanksgivings past, etc? Inspire us!


  1. What wonderful memories! Looks like you had some fun birthdays :) By the way, I've given you the Sunshine can check out the details on my blog!

  2. Who was that cute little Columbian girl? You were adorable!!!

    I'm sure I'll comment again before your birthday, but if not, have a happy thanksgiving and wonderful birthday!

  3. I love these pictures!! You're so cute!!! :) Thank you for the comment over on my blog. I always appreciate it!! :)


  4. Ok seriously adorable pictures of you as a kiddo! :) Yay!

  5. Happy early Birthday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love the way you had the years past.

  6. So many memories, thanks for sharing with us!
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  7. First, I want to say happy early birthday! I love birthdays! You should write a post on your transition from Columbia to here! I would love to read it, thats if you havent already done a post on that yet!
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  8. awww..this is too awesome....happy birthday!!

  9. Happy brithday! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back =-)