November 1, 2011

Cherishing My Memories- The battles inside

Just because Halloween ended it doesn’t mean that the dress up frenzy stops in my house. It’s like it happens in seasons. Some days it will be about fairies and superheroes, on other days it’s about Minnie and Indiana Jones.

About a year ago it was all about the far west and the cowboy boots. We went to Tombstone and immersed ourselves in the history of the town. There were reenactment of shootings, bank robberies and drunken cowboys. In reality, if you think about it: not that pretty. And then I think about all the many places we’ve been to and how there has always been some kind of war as part of their history. Why can we just get along? Why can’t we just think about the future of the next generations and work towards leaving a better world for them?


I saw a lot of violence growing up. Mostly in the media, for luckily where I lived in Colombia , we were far away from the war on drugs.  But I was still exposed, at some degree, to the day-to-day acts of dishonesty and betrayal, typical behavior of many people fighting to survive in a third world country. I left all that and I don’t miss it one bit. I still get sad that in this, the land of the many opportunities, people choose to not go for their dreams and instead focus on destroying other’s peoples dreams.

So the lesson I take today is this: Never give up. Follow your dreams. Smile. Love and Serve one another. Don’t be so quick to judge, for you never know what that person’s battle may be deep inside.

Your turn:


  1. I love your takeaway. It will be mine today as well. :)

  2. Thank you for the linky comment on my blog. I've pasted your button at the bottom of my post now so that all my wonderful readers will know to look here for more great memories! :) I love your blog. Definitely a follower! :)

    Digger ~xoxo~

  3. I love your takeaway too! (cute picture!)

  4. I'm so glad I stopped by today. WONDERFUL, wonderful inspirational post!

  5. Such a cute picture! I love to visit historical places. History fascinates me. But living in those place and times is a completely different thing.

    Great advice!

  6. inspirational. thanks for sharing!