November 8, 2011


Some facts about Birthdays a la Vivian:

1. I LOVE birthdays.

2. I LOVE celebrating them and making a BIG deal out of them.

3. I’m lucky to have such special family and friends who also believe in making BIG DEAL of that ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of YOU.

4. I don’t like telling people how old I am. My own kids don’t even know because I KNOW they will tell. You can say it’s got to be a Colombian thing. After all, we are raised to never ask a lady how old she is because it’s bad manners. Here it’s such a common rather frivolous question but not for me.

5. It’s my birthday month. It always falls either on Thanksgiving day or around it. If you want to know how that  feels: LAME. Many of my friends and family are usually out of town or busy with their own Thanksgiving agenda.

6. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Colombia so I got to have, for my first 17 years of life, ALL my birthdays ALL to myself without having to share them with turkey and sweet potatoes.

7. I’ve danced at almost all my birthdays (even since I was a baby).

8. I have a friend who is a celebrity. When we were in our teens, she surprised in more than one of my birthdays and serenaded me by singing my favorite songs from that moment in time. It was beautiful. She forever touched me. She was no one yet…just my friend. No one has done that for me since.

9. My kids have been counting the days to celebrate ME. Well, truth is, mainly my daughter. I promised her she gets to go to the spa with me…don’t ask what I was thinking when I did that. She is convinced she will be getting a massage…what a “hard” life she has (ha!).

fin2008ybeg2009 001

I look at this pictures and think about how, ever since I became a mother, my birthdays have a different meaning. Every day, especially on that day, I thank my Father in Heaven that I get to spend one more year with my children. I also realize that, not too long ago, they looked that little. They are much grown up now and their baby faces are pretty much gone. I miss my son’s curly hair. I see my old house and all the memories we left there. Our first home, the home where our three children were born. I see the homemade Tres Leches Cake and I have the sudden urge to eat a whole one by myself. This post must stop now. Too dangerous. I’m still on a diet.

So how about you?


  1. Wonderful post with a beautiful picture! Have a very happy birthday Vivian. I see that we both celebrate a birthday in the month of November!:) I celebrated over last weekend as Friday, Nov.4, was my birthday. Take care and have a good Tuesday.

  2. Awww, I love it! So many bloggers' birthdays are this month. I hope you get to have a month full of celebrations, and show that Thanksgiving turkey who's boss!

  3. I bet! I've always thought having a birthday in the later part of the year (around halloween on) would stink. I've already had to plan my son's bday party a week early just because it gets a little too close to Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy birth month!

    I teared up about how birthdays have changed since you've had kids. I can't wait to have that feeling too on my birthday.

  5. Hahaha I am SO glad you "stopped" the post because I am going without sugar until Saturday and the second you said "Tres Leches Cake" I think I drooled a little bit. Yummm.

    I love birthdays too! I can't wait to be a mom to experience birthdays :)

    Also who's your friend?? I've got to know. Haha one of my best friends is on the BYU basketball team and its hilarious where ever we go, we get stopped. I forget that he is a "big deal" to BYU!! Thats about as famous as it gets for me LOL

  6. happy birthmonth. it sounds like it will be fab!!! enjoy it.

  7. Happy birthday month! Giada is born 2days before me, and we're going to celebrate her 1yr on my bday this year. I have a feeling I'll never get a bday to myself for a very long time...

  8. I love this post! My husband was just saying how birthdays arent that big of a deal and I told him "Its one more year you have with your children!" So its so funny to me that you put that in your post
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  9. Happy birthday month!! I love all your traditions and I'm dying to know your celebrity friend. And to have a recipe for Tres Leches cake.

  10. Happy Early Birthday!!

    Such a fun post. Your kids are adorable!!

  11. Hi Vivian! Are you doing a birthday linked up post? Please tell me because I have lined up a similar post tomorrow.

    I think we resemble a lot. I celebrate my birthday in December and it has some disadvantages too. I would love to dance on my birthday, but my body and feet don't make me look so graceful. It looks so awful and funny.

    Wishing you a meaningful birthday ahead!

  12. Awwwwww... Such a sweet post! I love it! I also love that birthdays are so important to you and your family! They should be, not everyone gets to celebrate another year of life. It is especially beautiful when you are a mom, it is a blessing all the days we get to spend with our loved ones ;) Lol! I was laughing at the age part. Cuantos anos vas a cumplir? Jk... As for your birthdate, your like my sister, her birthday is on Nov 29 so it interferes with Thanksgiving and she hates that ;) Happy Birthday Month!! ;) xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday! This is awesome! I loved reading about your Birthday thoughts! So fun!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  14. I love birthdays! And the age..... to me it's just another number and not a direct reflection of myself or anyone else. You are as young or as old as you want to be :) Growing up though, I hated my August birthday. All of my friends got to celebrate at school ~ not me :( But finally the girl who had a locker 1 away from mine had a birthday the day before mine. So we celebrated full out in February!

  15. I know who your celebrity friend is and I am JEALOUS! I would probably faint if she ever sang directly to me.

    And that makes me happy because I love her in part because her music is amazing...and in part because it's obvious she's a really good person. So I love to hear that she's always been a giving person.

    Happy birthday Vivian!

    Ps. It's hilarious that you won't tell your kids your age :P

  16. Happy early birthday, sweet girl!!! I know lots of women who don't want to tell people their age, so you're not alone!

    However, my grandmother has a saying and I tend to agree with her. She says, "I don't mind telling you my age, just don't ask me my weight, because that's a thing I can do something about!" :o) So true! We can't keep ourselves from aging, but we can keep it classy all the way!