November 18, 2011

Ask me!

Do you want to know more about me? Here is your chance! Don't be shy, leave me your questions and I will answer them all in a later post.

Thank you Taylor for this idea. I'm excited to play!

Happy Friday Friends!!!


  1. Hi! I haven't been a reader here for long so I'm not sure if you've addressed this in previous posts... but I'm curious if you speak to your kids in Spanish and do they speak/understand the language fluently?

  2. What are your thoughts on Australia, do you picture it being a particuliar way in looks and culture? Does it feel so far away from where you are?
    It's always nice to hear another's opinion ;)

  3. Also a newish reader! So I'll ask an easier question-- Do you do your own photography? I love the B & w pics of your family across the top of your blog.

    Cheers, Jenn.

  4. What made you decide to start blogging?

  5. Is LDS a large religion in Columbia?
    Why did you move to America?
    If it was because of hubs how did you meet him?

  6. Ever since you posted that German is your 2nd language I am curious to know more! So I am assuming you are fluent? Why did you learn? Do you have any kind of family that lives in Germany?