October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Today is one of the happiest days of the year for my children and every other kid I know. This year, though, I am prepared about my course of action with ALL the candy my kids are going to get. I refuse to let my children get sick to their stomachs because I can’t control their mouths. So bring it on candy! You are welcome this year but I will DEFEAT you!

On another note, the weather here, for the most part, has been beautiful allowing us to enjoy of the many close attractions and activities Fall and Halloween season have to offer. Some of the things the kids got to do was the pumpkin patch, the local amusement park, a few birthday parties, A Star Wars day at the Library (might as well be called Heaven day in the eyes of my son) and the school carnival. Here is just a small sample of some of those happenings:

Baby at her BEST FRIEND’s Belle Halloween-themed-birthday party:

You would have to see it to believe the connection that, at such young age, these two already have. How, when no one else can, they can understand, laugh and cry with each other. Watching them interact, brings a BIG smile to my face. Downloads1-1

 The mamas of the party (because you know us, and we have to be part of the fun, too)oct2011-2 

 Pumpkin Patch: So grateful for such supportive and loving family. Our children are blessed and lucky to have them close and to have them be so involved in their lives. We wouldn’t want it any other way. After all: Family is First. oct20111


School Carnival: Food, games, neighborhood friends, nail and face painting, thriller dance,etc. Enough fun said.  Downloads2-1

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!


Come back on Wednesday and check out my post on a the Halloween party I planned this past weekend. I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out. I am postponing the giveaway announcement. You will find out all details that same day as well.

Don’t forget the “Cherishing Memories” link up tomorrow. What can you share from your past that taught and made you a better person? How can you inspire us based on your past experiences? As usual, I would love to have you.


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  1. you guys had a lot of halloween festivities. i love the theme of the party. i always wanted to be born on halloween or have a baby born on halloween.

  2. What a fun looking Halloween with so many activities!! Hope you defeated the candy ;)

  3. Ya'll have been busy!!! What great pictures you got of everything!!! And ifyou win the battle against the candy, let me know how! :o)

    I've already taken a bunch out to use in her stocking this Christmas, but you can't even tell I took anything from her Halloween stockpile. If that gives you any idea how much we brought home. :o/

  4. I love seeing the kids all dressed up. It is such a fun holiday.