October 4, 2011


Does it ever happen to you that one day you hare having the most wonderful day and then it all collapses when you least expect it? I had a very uplifting last couple of days. I felt renewed and inspired and ready to conquer the world. During those days I learned things such as:

Find joy in your journey

Never forget to be happy with yourself

Some sacrifices are better than others

Be happy now

Heavenly Father LOVES you

But right at this moment all those things seem like they are easier said than done. It just took one thing, one phone call, one person to make my peace fade away. As much as I try to be of good spirit, I think tonight I will ask the “whys” and see the tears. Because there are people who cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong for too long. And tonight I am just tired of being strong.


 As for tomorrow… tomorrow is another day. And I’ll get the strength I need. Because I’m blessed to have those who maybe don’t have the words to make me feel better, but who have the arms to give me a hug, the ears to listen and the heart that looks forward to see me smile again.




  1. I hope that today is better than yesterday. I know EXACTLY how you feel - I have had pretty much the same experience in the past few days. I was completely at peace until one LITTLE thing happened, and from there my positivity was shattered and that one little thing snowballed into many little things that just got me off track.

    Here's to remembering what's important! :) Hope you have a happy Tuesday!

  2. I'm right there with you. Some days I just can't keep my strength up. Today is a new day. I hope it is positive and filled with love. We all have our moments. I'm just making sure mine don't take over. :)

  3. i hear you. it's always going too hard for too long that brings me to tears eventually :)

  4. I loved General Conference as well. It was so uplifting! :)

  5. This really helped me. I have days where I just feel defeated, but I know with time things always tend to get better.

  6. I hope everything is ok! It's so hard to be so strong for so long. Sometimes you do need to break down and just cry. Get it all out and then be strong again.

  7. Praying you experience His new mercies for you first thing in the morning!