October 25, 2011

Cherishing my Memories: School Bus


I remember we would sit on the stairs of our porch and my mom would comb my hair while we waited for the bus to pick me up. I remember she would tell me stories of her own school days, how she was always late, how she would hate that they would make her drink coffee for breakfast and recite 100 prayers to the Virgin Mary. I remember coming home so excited because she would be there at the bus stop waiting for me. I remember enjoying the drive and memorizing the routes to the homes of my school mates, as if I someday, I was to be the next bus driver. I remember the driver would have Latin tunes playing in the background and with my friends we would sing loudly to those. I remember sitting next to Mauricio, my crush, and writing little notes to each other.  

My kids ask me to let them ride the bus to school. We live almost across the street from the school. I feel bad to disappoint them, especially every time after I think about my own adventures in the school bus.

I would give anything to let them live that day someday. I would give anything to live this day myself again someday!

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  1. this post is so adorable. and that picture is too perfect. my favorite thing growing up was having my mom comb my hair. i LOVE when people play with my hair!!
    xo TJ

  2. I remember my school bus waiting days well :) We had two saguaro cacti and a jumping cactus at our bus stop and needless to say several people got pushed in... *shudder*

  3. Your love notes to Mauricio is too cute! This was such a great memory! It made me think of my bus stop days!! The cool kids on our bus sat in the back..Finally in 6th grade I became a cool kid lol
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  4. Love that picture! And your love notes to Mauricio are too precious! Such a great series girly :-) I'm loving your memories :-)

  5. you always have the best stories to share. so precious!


  6. so cute! I remember the school bus as well. I remember thinking that our driveway had to be at least a mile long because the walk to the end of it seemed to take forever and I remember that a police car always followed the bus. One day the bus just drove right past us, didn't even stop so the officer pulled into our driveway and we got to ride to school in the police car.

    My kids also want to ride the bus, we also live close to the school so for now they'll have to be happy on the bus rides for field trips!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I can relate to this "I remember sitting next to Mauricio, my crush, and writing little notes to each other." tee hee childhood crushes ;-)

    I btw linked my other blog in your party Vivian. I entered the lone family picture.

  8. Nice story. I don't have a lot of great memories on camera unfortunately. My mom wasn't the most camera savy person lol.

  9. aww you're so adorable in that pic vivian! i used to love riding the bus too as a kid. it was so fun. i would have loved to be on your bus though, with latin tunes playing in the background. what a great memory, thanks for sharing.