October 5, 2011

Look what I did!

If your children are like mine, who come home from school with an extensive amount of papers, art work and crafts, then this project could be very beneficial to your sanity.

This is one day worth of paper for one child (I have two in school ) See what I mean?


For a while I wanted something where I could proudly display the wonderful things my kids make at school. I’m sorry but the fridge door just is not cutting it for me. It makes my kitchen look messy.

Thanks to Pinterest (again) I found my kind of project. Easy to make, inexpensive and kid friendly.   

You will need:

A wood board (less than $2.00 at Hobby Lobby)

an oversized clothe pin (also from Hobby Lobby about $2.50)

sticker letters (can use vinyl letters, too)

wire (got it from a old and unused picture frame)

spray paint (any color you like. I used green)


scrapbook paper

wood glue (not on picture)


Start by drilling two small holes to the board (upper corners) for the wire to run through them.

Spray paint the board.


While it dries, use your child labor efficiently (so kidding!) and have them modpodge the string of scrapbook paper to the pin (I only did one side since the other side you won’t able to see as it’s the side that will be attached to the board).


Either step can go next: Or apply the letters with the saying or glue (wood glue) the pin to the board.



Insert the wire and you are ready to hang it in the perfect place where your kids can see that their hard work pays off because Mami has turned it into an art display for every welcome house guest to admire. 

The flower made the cut:




  1. Cute! I actually did something very similar but on a long wood board instead! Isn't is fun to display their stuff! You can come see mine on my blog.

  2. This is super cute! I love your blog!

  3. Aw such a sweet craft! I definitely want to do that when I am a mom. In response to your comment on my blog, it's actually my dad who speaks Swedish. It's our heritage, but my grandparents and parents were all born in the US. Then my dad got called on his mission to Sweden. He became extremely fluent and after he married me my mom, he decided he would only speak Swedish to his kids because he studied and found that the key to making your kids bilingual is consistency. So my dad has never in my life said anything in English directed to me or my siblings. He speaks only Swedish to us. So he now has 5 fluent kids because he made us speak it, we had all the Disney movies in Swedish , and bedtime stories, etc. My mom can't speak very well so she just doesn't. But it's been a HUGE blessing of in my life to be able to speak Swedish and it's just plain cool to go to another country and have someone ask you, "So what part of Sweden are you from?" :) I urge you to continue to speak Spanish with you kids! They will be so grateful!

  4. Looks great and fun to make!!!
    Have a happy day :)

  5. this is all so precious! what a fun idea!!
    xo TJ

  6. That's awesome. And I totally love seeing Pinterest pins come to life!!!

  7. My kids are 3 and 4 and love showing off their art. This is so much better than a magnet on the frig! Thank you.

    Artful Rising

  8. this is a wonderful idea...i have to steal this when i have kids someday!

  9. Vivian~ I love it! It is so simple and cute. I agree, I don't even have kids in school, but church pages alone take up a ton of space. Great job!

  10. Oh, that is such a great idea!!! I need to make myself a few of those for the kiddos.

    Ok, I keep saying I need to make these, and I never do. fail. :(

  11. This is an adorable idea! I absolutely suck at spray painting things...everyone says it's so easy...but I just can't get it right! Any tips?
    I'm following you now, BTW, and I would LOVE to feature you on my "quick recipe of the week" series. Shoot me an email kay?? Thanks and so good to meet you!
    ♥ Kyna

  12. I have seen something like that. Very cute! You did a great job. Pinterest is amazing :). Thanks for all of the nice comments on my blog today.

  13. I love this idea! I do not have a hobby lobby in my area... so I will have to keep an eye out for an oversized clothespin. so cute!

  14. I love this! I definitely have to do my own :)


  15. What a great idea. I think I should be on pinterest. Seems like everyone is getting lots of cool ideas there.

  16. This is a really good idea!! My son wants all his art displayed and it makes the house look like a mess!!

  17. Oh, my gosh. LOVE! It might take care of a wall I've been trying to figure out what to do with...