October 13, 2011

Halloween ready?


1.The kids have their customs except “baby.” Pinterest is going to make me work a little harder than usual to create her custom, so I will need more time.

2.We have had a schedule full of Halloween activities, and more to come. This will definitely keep us busy for the rest of the off track season (whole month of October). Did I mention enough I don’t like year round school? And that my kids are on vacation? And that I’m going a little nuts with all the schedule changes that entails?

3. I already have all the materials I will use to make Halloween’s gifts. Tipically, it’s not until a couple of days before that I’m rushing to barely figure out what to make. See how a life can change with Pinterest?

It feels to me that we are almost ready for this Holiday because aside from the above, this is why:

The personalized Pumpkins, with every member of our family’s initials, that I made (which eventually, in spite of my dislike, will get carved the day before Halloween) by modpodging black buttons unto them. They seat happily on my porch. 



And because the porch still felt a little empty, I had to make a very simple, easy, inexpensive (my kind of way) wreath.

I used materials I already had:


Yes, that is TULLE you are seeing. All you do is cut the tulle in small rectangular pieces and tie it around the circle (I payed .75 for it at the dollar store last year). At last, I added the orange satin ribbon. I’m sure if you have more time and patience (which at this point I lack) you can add flowers, etc. I’ve also seen this type of tulle wreaths with birds and feathers, etc.


Seriously, this was such an easy project. I’m glad!

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  1. cute decor, girl!!! and yes, i'm just like you with pinterest!!! love it and obsessed!!!! i hope you can survive the rest of your kids' vacation! :)

  2. Those pumpkins are adorable and that wreath is wonderful! I love Halloween time!!

  3. You are one of the rare women who actually DO pinteresting things as opposed to just pinning. And they always turn out perfect.

  4. It all looks great!! Looking forward to your link party!!

  5. I love your pumpkins and wreath. I plan on becoming crafty any day now. My kids keep begging me to take them to Wheeler Farm to see the witches. I actually look forward to that too. :)

  6. Oh my gosh! These pumpkins. And the wrath! Would you please come over and decorate at my house a little bit, too? :)

    Can't wait to see the costumes of your little ones.

    Here's to a happy weekend, lovely. xo.

  7. New follower! Very cute way to decorate the pumpkins!

  8. I love traditions - and the monogrammed pumpkins are adorable!

  9. cute cute cute! I love the pumpkins and the wreath! Props to you for handling year round schoo, good job momma! :)

  10. Awesome job on the pumpkins and the wreath Vivian. After the long debate over joining Pinterest or not, I finally gave in and joined.. It's way too addicting! We don't really have Halloween plans, yet besides taking the kids around trick or treating in our neighborhood. You sound like you have it all planned out. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I LOVE both the pumpkins and the wreath! Nice work! I'm going to have to steal both ideas! Halloween is just such a great excuse for fun projects!


  12. That wreath could actually be super chic for any time of year! I love those tull frays...actually...you've got me thinking...now I want to DIY a t-shirt with sleeves like that inspired from your wreath, haha!

  13. happy 1st bday to your lovely blog! btw, i love your header.. =)
    new follower here from bloghop..


  14. I love your decorated pumpkins! and I love tulle you can do so much with it and its cheap..By the way I think that being on time is imp. too but after having my baby girl I havent learned how to budget my time! Have a great weekend.
    -barbie @ LOVIN LIFE BARBIE

  15. I wanted to do some similar pumpkins I saw on Pinterest but with black thumbtacks. Only I'm dealing with sick kiddos and deadlines so I just stuck some decorative ones from TJ Maxx on the porch and I feel good about that!

  16. Those pumpkins are so simple and awesome! You have the coolest crafts! I wish I was that crafty!!