October 9, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños Amor

Amor had a birthday. And he had a wonderful day. I’m glad.

For dinner we went to this place that has his favorite food of all times: Barbecue. And for dessert to one of those old fashion ice cream parlors you rarely see anymore that even have the jukebox from the 1950’s. Think our eyes were bigger than our tummies? Not at all. It was SO good, we had to eat it ALL.

For the record: I’m supposed to be on a diet but hey you your husband only has a birthday once a year (HA!)

The waitress did this little presentation with the different types of sauces the restaurant offered. I thought it was kind of neat it turned out like a pig. 

There is something special about being surrounded by family


but there is something even more SPECIAL when, as a mom, I see my daughters LOVE their father


I made him an ALL ABOUT YOU basket –You can see that I actually make what I pin-

 And my creativity only extends so far. It took me several hours to come up with the sayings that would accompany each and everything in his basket. Even google couldn’t help. I made them up all on my own, so if you are curious about what they all say, just ask.

And who says you need helium balloons anymore? It’s all about gravity baby!


Maybe unrelated or maybe not: I can’t get enough of certain CUTENESS


Birthdays are the BEST!

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  1. Oh, that food looks so good! I'm curious what that place is. I think I need to go! I love your gift basket too--you're so sweet!

  2. Oh yeah! What an awesome birthday!

  3. Birthdays are the best! Looks like you all had fun. I love the basket you made and the way you hung the balloons with the ribbon like that. Very creative.

  4. Birthday, family, food and friends.. what more can we ask for! Wishing you more happy memories and birthdays!

  5. Happy irthday to your husband! Looks like a fantastic and fun birthday! I hope your lives continue to be blessed everyday :D

  6. Looks like a fun filled day w/loved one's. The food looks delish and love how you have the balloons hanging. TFS

  7. happy birthday to your hubby! love the gifts!

  8. So fun!! LOVE your blog!


  9. I love the 'all about you' basket- what a fun idea!

  10. Adorable!!! Is that Famous Daves or Nordys? IF SO...we had Famous Daves last night for dinner :) I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!! Amazing cornbread! And how cute is that little basket! My problem is I never make things I see on Pinterest, and I should :)

  11. FAMOUS DAVE'S!!! I love it! :) yum yum yum!! What a fun birthday :) I love the basket idea. Your family is so beautiful! including you, OF COURSE!! my goodness :)

    p.s. thanks so much for your comments on my blog :) I always look forward to them!


  12. Ahh, Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby!
    ♥ Kyna