October 14, 2011

Favorites this week


Looks at this great idea! I am SO DOING this. I’ve got the trunk (found it in a yard sale long ago and it’s part of my daughter’s French-inspired- room decoration); we’ve got the shoes, the tights but can somebody please carve the pumpkin for me? (Can’t carve, don’t like it, never have……just saying)

244092302_ZQtRnCa2_c via


The denim and lace look great together. Just makes me wish I had saved all my denim jackets after they went out of style years ago. What do you think about the orange tights? I would totally wear them. Better get them now while it’s Halloween season (HA!)

313402297_IcQPF44P_chere via Pinterest


For those of you haven’t followed me long, we are a Nutella addict family. You can read how we start them since young here or the kind of goodies I make with it here. Nutella is our peanut butter (literally). I have been eating this thing for years even before it came to the market in the United States. On our last trip to Italy, I brought loads of it, it was total despair when we run out; luckily Ferrero got smart and thanks to Koby Bryant the Nutella mania started, making it easier for me, to once again, buy this heavenly thing. Today I was reading a blog where she talks about never been able to perfect the art of building a snowman. To which I replied: “neither have I. To tell you the truth, I rather watch my kids built one while sitting next to the fireplace reading a good book and drinking this:”



Three things: My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. I need new Pointe shoes. I need a new Baby.




The book I read as a child. And since then taught me some profound and idealistic observations about life and human nature. It was called “El Principito” for me.




And thought you would really enjoy knowing this. I know it put a smile on my face.

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Have a great weekend Friends!

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  1. pinterest is amazing! that first picture is perfect. lovin' the little girls tights! oh pumpkin carving!
    xo TJ

  2. yes! Why did I throw away my denim jacket, I hate that you don't find them like before :( boo!! I love that outfit, and yes you should wear those orange tights!

    I want another baby also :) Will you believe me if I say I need to really try Nutella! El principito I remember reading it back in junior high school in spanish class :)

    Have a great weekend

  3. I am loving that dress! My husband does the carving, I prefer to paint my pumpkin :) Love the wedding ring fact!

  4. I've been eating Nutella since I was a kid too. It most def. is my peanut butter since I actually do hate peanut butter. I can eat that stuff with a spoon all day long.
    And you must do that first pic. SO CUTE!

  5. Ahh the first picture is my favorite. It's so themed I love it.

    Nutella is delicious. I usually spread it on a piece of toast for my son

  6. You have to recreate that picture, it's amazingly cute. Ditto for the outfit and the nutella hot chocolate(well not cute but definitively delicious).

  7. Great finds!! I love Nutella, so yum! That is such a cute outfit with the dress. Yay pinterest lol

  8. The wedding ring fact made me smile so, so big.

  9. I never knew that about the wedding ring!! I love that!! These are all amazing finds- so many wonderful things to be found. :)

  10. That is such a cute outfit and I really want to get me some orange tights now.

    I'm from FTLOB and love your blog so far.

    Nutella rules! I need to get me some of that.