October 27, 2011

Awkward and Awesome



* I managed to budget and plan a major Halloween party for over 60 guests for a friend, decorate my own home by making my own Halloween crafts, help with all the activities and festivities to take place at the school’s annual Halloween carnival, help another friend with her daughter’s Halloween-themed birthday party, order my kid’s costumes and have them shipped over a month ago…but I sure managed to forget about ME! NADA! Only two more days until Saturday’s BIG Halloween parties’ galore and I don’t. have. a. costume. to wear. Warning: Do NOT expect to, two days before your big day, find that one perfect costume that you’ve been dreaming about all-year-long and the idea of having it, it’s stuck in your head without the possibility of ever leaving your brain. Last minute costume buying is not for picky “Halloweeners.” Does wanting the Black Swan Ballerina costume - with the make-up and it all- make me a picky one???    


* My Zumba class held an 80’s night tonight. Everybody came dressed up…except me. On purpose, of course! I didn’t go for the sense of “partying” but to get my daily work out. I should’ve cycled instead. I’m sorry but Zumba is about Latin rhythms and not about 80’s music… and I HATE the puffy hair and how unflattering those clothes can make you look. Still people played the part, if some of them only knew how dumb they looked…(ugh). Just because it’s 80’s, doesn’t mean it’s meant for ALL. If you have to do 80’s because it’s part of a production or show, I will take that anytime, but not when it’s Zumba…so not a match!

P.S I still LOVE my Zumba teacher


* My kids are back on track but it feels like the load is even heavier. It’s all the re-adjusting to the new schedules, and the driving everywhere, and the picking out clothes with the girl who demands to only wear something new every day and with sparkles, and the boy who refuses to let go of his summer clothes. But the worse has to be their bickering and arguing with each other. Even the baby is involved here and I am getting so sick of it! I swear I must be known (perfect timing) as the witch of the culdesac because I have been Y.E.L.L.I.N.G. Oh, it feels so good sometimes…but I better remember to close my windows next time (HA!).


* The whole Facebook thing and how people take everything they hear and see there so personal. I wish they would finally get it, that, first, just because we are friends on FB that doesn’t entitle you to attend my parties, nor to hang out with me. Second, just because we met once, doesn’t mean you are my friend and I will accept you as a FB friend and give you access to my life in details. Third: I still marvel at the existence of people who one day comment on your status and “like” your pictures and the next day act like they don’t even know you…or seen you. Yep, those people exist..and I like to keep them just to remind myself that I’m so glad I’m NOT like them. And then they wonder why I have so many friends: Duh! It’s called the art of HUMAN RELATIONS. Now unto blogging: that’s another story that I will not get into today but as much as I love it, I work hard to keep my privacy. I doubt you will ever know more names than my own ;)


* When I forget things it’s because I’m not perfect and because I have a LOT on my plate. I’m doing it all, mostly on my own, because I have a husband who works long hours to make sure his family has anything they need and desire. I don’t forget things because I have Early Onset Amnesia. Being told that sucks!



* Baby can count to 10 in Spanish and read books on her own. Some books have been read to her so many times that she’s got the words, the signs or its accompanying songs memorized. It’s quite the entertainment seeing her do it. She can sit there and do it for hours. Seriously, talk about the perfect, independent, I-eat-all- my-food kind of baby who still naps two hours a day! (hooray!)


* Dancing. I’ve been dancing a lot. And we have this new radio station that plays some awesome music, the equivalent to the top 40 in the Latin charts, so every time I drive, it might as well be counted as dancing. And the little dude who complained about the new radio station and how he didn’t want to hear “Colombia” music, just got caught this afternoon while in the car, singing loudly and excitedly to one of my favorites ever. Persistence is key!


*Living in such a great city and community. Personally knowing the candidates running for city council for my district and feeling that sense of security that, whichever route the voters choose, both candidates are good people and true public servants willing and able to work for us.


* The amazing race is on. And when I watch it, it’s like I’m living it in my own flesh and blood. You are reading this from the girl who most of the time forgets there is such a thing called TV, but for the amazing race I will make an exception 7 x 7. Someday I will be on that show. (Think positive, think positive!)


* Did anybody say Vegas? Latin Grammys? Say Wha?



  1. Hahaha loved the whole FB thing! It certainly is a world of it's own. I don't know how many times I have deleted people for various reasons. One day it'll be down to just Josh Duhamel & Ellen left in my friends list lol

  2. Like always- mamas do everything for everyone else and we forget about ourselves! You should totally be the Black Swan Ballerina!

    So true about Facebook, but like you said it's a good reminder about how not to be!


  3. I would have been one of those ladies dressed way too much like an 80's wannabe in your zumba class. Don't judge me too much. ;)

  4. Love this post! I'll have to do one of these soon.

    I laughed so much at the 80s zumba part. I love dressing up for 80s parties myself! I find it hilarious to be so ugly and gross with others around me, haha. However, at a work out class? I'm not sure if that'd be fore me either. ;)

    Have a good day! :)

  5. I LOVE the amazing race! We watch it every Sunday! My mom says when they get home from Peru, She and a friend are going to try out and be the MORMON Grandmas!

  6. aw yes! i love awkward and awesome thursdays! it's funny to look back and think about all the funny and awesome things that happened to us in just a week span. adore!
    xo TJ

  7. I admit it kind of bugs me when people post "look what I did stuff" when they're doing it with the obvious purpose of letting other people know they weren't invited. On the other hand, I also don't like people who go around creating drama about something they weren't invited to. It DEFINITELY doesn't make people want to change their minds about inviting you in the future.

  8. glad i found you :-) i'm stopping by from follower fest, i'd love for you to stop by my blog and checkout the huge giveaway going on- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html xoxo nicole

  9. 80's girls look for any reason to go back. Such a great time <3 You could throw together a black swan costume. Look at all the other awesomeness you have done with the halloween goodies.