September 22, 2011

LATE but worth LIVING

*We made it LATE to my son’s karate.

Let me just give you a hint: MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE: BEING LATE

HE was devastated. I was, too. His droopy and teary eyes got me and I couldn’t find a way to make it up to him. Beforehand, he kept telling me that we were going to be late and I kept ignoring him, I kept running errands and with that responding (in a not-so-very-nice tone of voice) that we “WERE NOT GOING TO BE LATE.” My brain simply wasn’t working and I completely forgot the time his class was supposed to start. He was right. We were LATE.

**And then I was LATE (again) to the school counsel meeting.
I almost got nominated Chair for this school year for being absent (or late). But I ended up not being as “safe” as I thought I would be: I still got Vice Chair. And that because I had to leave the meeting early because I was already LATE for another commitment. I don’t think I’ve faced it yet but I just added another job to my already full load.

***My daughter was LATE to dance.

I love dance myself and love being part of her dance but there are those certain days when I wonder to myself: "Why I even bother driving her?" We might as well move and make home her dance studio. We spend so many hours there that I can’t keep track of her class dates and times anymore. I don’t think it’s got to do with her dance, it’s again all my crazy brain not working…

…but that’s not the reason we were late. Right when we are all seated and buckled, baby decides she has to go “number two.” And so that you understand how INTENSE this is: She can NOT go seated. She has to be in this certain position that requires her full body strength and ALL her “concentration.” And NOONE better look at her while she about her business…we were LATE, AGAIN!

****By now, I’ve already felt like a failure. To top it off, I have to pick Amor from the airport; kids have to have dinner. It’s almost bedtime and it’s a long drive ahead. I resort to make a VERY FAST meal: Pastaroni or something like that out a box that I found in my food storage. I feel like my motherly abilities have surely been beaten down to the ground.

Second PET PEEVE: I HATE processed food.

The thought of ingesting something not being fresh or organic with a substantial amount of sodium and trans-fats, simply throws me for a loop.

And then we drive off and as we are merging on the freeway, I notice a slow down of cars. One car was the cause of it all, and behind it, a young lady, all on her own, pushing the car up the ramp. It was a matter of seconds when a multitude (I tried counting and I got more than 15 people) parked their cars in the most bizarre and unorthodox ways I have ever seen and run to her aid. I spotted women, a black guy, two Polynesians, few other middle aged white men, a couple grandpas and a couple of teenagers, as well.

The world is GOOD. People are GOOD. I know nothing about anyone involved in this scenario, but I know that regardless of their most obvious differences, like age and race, and the not so obvious ones, they were brought together with a common purpose. And then all of the sudden it HIT ME that being late and feeding my kids out of a box was not a BIG DEAL (at least not today). How many of those people ended up being late themselves for helping someone they didn’t know? My kids were there with me, witnessing and act of service, and learning about the true essence of a LIFE WORTH LIVING.

Have you found the true essence of your life TODAY?

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  1. aw ... i hate being late as well ... but the older i get the more it tends to happen ... i hate that .. and btw love that first pic of you ... so pretty :)

  2. hello, Vivian! I looked through your blog and have to say your family is adorable!

  3. ps: and Colombia seems like so much fun, too! I really wanna go and explore it! Hopefully one day! Should improve my Spanish by then.. :-)

  4. pps: THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting!!! Yes i'd love to visit one day, yes beaches sound great, yes i'm sure there are bad and good things everywhere! and yes, you should come visit if you are not afraid fo bears and colds haha kiddning.. some.. ;-) Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Being late is one of me pet peeves too. It just ruins pretty much all plans when I'm late and then I get moody and mad at myself. But wow your schedule seems so busy and I think that was a really great things that a lot of people helped that young lady. There really is still good in the world. I love when my kids witness acts of kindness like that. Have a wonderful weekend Vivian!

  6. Hi Vivian! I love this post. It says a lot.. simply meaningful. And I agree you look so lovely in that picture. Have a great weekend

  7. Oh you're too hard on yourself. We can't all be everywhere on time. Especially when you have lots of kids! Heck, it's just me and my man and we can't get to 1:00 church on time. I'm doomed as far as motherhood is concerned. ;)

  8. I agree with you. I HATE being late!!! I like how you found some positive to end your day with and teach your kids. You are such a good mama. And sometimes being late comes along with our job. By the way, EXCELLENT picture of you ! You look gorgeous!!! xoxo

  9. That is a beautiful story Vivian.

    And a few other comments.
    A. That photo of you is gorg.
    B. I too hate being late. It's funny because I freak out and don't want to waste people's time. But 99% of the time when other people are late, I just whip out my Kindle and read and am not bothered by it.

  10. This is a lovely post and an even lovelier photo of you! It has been one of those weeks for this Mama too...