September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Today I’m partying with her. And it’s a good thing because I really have to get this off my chest:


*Falling, tripping and twisting my ankle. And it happens ALL THE TIME. Seriously, it’s like I’m 2 years old all over again! Frankly, I don’t know what the h… is wrong with me! I know I’ve always had ear issues but  I’m not even dizzy when I fall. The last “episode” tops it all: At church on my way to the parking lot as I opened the door my heel got caught somewhere. I wear skirts to church and this day I was wearing one of those soft and fluffy ones that fly beautifully high with the wind…or shall I say with a fall? I know what you are wondering and the answer is YES. There were many in the vicinity.

*People lying in my face and thinking I’m dumb enough to believe them. Obviously, they don’t know me at all. Truth is:

151454232_PoJqLMuS_c And I’m VERY GOOD at it. I just like to play nice to not want to embarrass the heck out of that person.  So that you know, this whole lying thing does not work with me very well. I prefer to know the truth right in my face, even if it’s UGLY. Chances are, at first I may want to punch you, but give it a couple hours and my brain has an amazing capacity of forgetting and moving on.

*Being told I was Dominican by a Colombian when I was on vacation in Puerto Rico….(my own people don’t even know me???)

*My son telling me I speak funny. He has came to the age when he’s figured out that I have an accent. The thing is, the more he tells me so, the thicker I make it sound. And the more he tells me not to kiss him the more I kiss him, the wet and slimy way… in front of EVERYBODY. And the more he tells me he doesn’t like Colombia, the more my plan of sending him to live for a year with his Abuela, who will feed him soup and vegetables with every meal, becomes a reality. And I have a pretty good feeling I will get the last laugh, when at 19, he gets called to serve his two year mission for our church to Colombia (missionaries don’t get to pick where they go, their calling comes as….sort of divine inspiration). That little stinker has no idea who he’s messing up with. :)


*Pinterest. Whoever invented it is a genius. I rather visually fulfill my decorative instincts and learn how to crochet than spy on people that are supposedly called “friends” (facebook). So far, I’ve found the Thanksgiving and Christmas neighbor’s gifts I will be making this year, as well as the props, style and fashion for our next family photo shoot. All that, in addition to Anderson Cooper and Tahiti, of course!

*Baby’s Spanglish, which sounds something like: “I want AGUA,” or “Can you ABRE (open),” or “Come read libro (book)”

*Forever young shoes' awesome sale buy one get one free. Thanks to them I’ve stocked up on some cool and trendy sandals for next summer.  

*Not being able to keep track anymore of when was the last Saturday that I didn’t have a birthday party to go to. It’s Utah…and there are LOTS of kids here…and most of our friends have between 3 and 4 kids…so you do the math. But because we have the Latin in us, we also throw parties when we turn 21, 22, 23, or 33, 34..and 50, 51, 53 etc. Anyways, I better go. I have a party to attend. The big 3-0 for my friend Liz.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love that quote...and it is true for me, too. :) I'm loving pinterest too...very addicting.

  2. You don't have an accent, I think he just needs to spend an afternoon with his Uncle Jorge to hear a REAL Colombian accent. LOL!

    LOVE Pinterest TOO!

  3. lol! I do the same thing to my kids. If they tell me not to do something, I do it more and worse then before. They are gonna love me when they get older!

  4. That fall, totally sounds like something I would do!! ;)

  5. HA! love it! love the baby's spanglish!!

  6. when you mentioned your accent, i totally pictured sofia vergara! you remind me so much of her. sorry to hear about your fall. :( i hope your shoes are ok! (because those are most important heehee)

  7. After your description of your son's opinions, I immediately thought of Sofia Vergara's Modern Family character, too. How much alike are you? Does she get it right?