August 3, 2011

What a day

I am LOVING Today! It’s a BIG day for our family:

First off my little artist turns 7.


I still remember that day she was born vividly like it was just yesterday. I still remember all the emotions and feelings that surpassed any expectation. I still remember my smile, her smile, and everyone else’s smile as they held her for the very first time. August 3rd will go down in my book as the day that my life changed forever.


Like that day, I welcome you to this world. I welcome you with open arms and a full heart. You are my firstborn and the one who gave me the most precious gift of all: that one of motherhood. I hope your sweet spirit touches many and that you always continue developing your artistic personality. I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday to the joy of my life!

Just a small sample of her past years:


And then my funny, thoughtful, cheerful little man starts KINDERGARTEN! I will continue sounding like a broken record: Please, stop growing so fast!


Wow  Little man! I hope you always enjoy learning and remember to NEVER GIVE UP! You are very smart and gifted. The sky is the limit for you!! I love you and will always be there for you every step of the way.

And a small sample of his past years:


And today these words echo in my mind: BIG BEGINNINGS. BIG HOPES. BIG DREAMS.


  1. I remember the day Katy was born too, we stopped and saw you just before you had her on our way to my brother's wedding. They do grow way too fast, before you know it, Sebi will be starting school.

  2. What a great post! I LOVE your blog, and your family is just precious!! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. How adorable! Happy birthday to your little artist. Like mother like daughter I see :) She must get that creativity from you Vivian!

  4. Hello Vivian! each birthday celebration of your kid is also a celebration of your motherhood. It just proves that you are super woman. You are overflowing with strength and love that only mothers could give!

  5. cutest pictures I've seen on blogs lately!

    I saw your blog from wordish wednesday and making a quick visit. I hope you can visit my blog too. If you can please enter my low entry giveaways.

  6. i love the heart behind this post...its hard to watch them grow up sometimes....

  7. She is just gorgeous. This post is beautiful, I can feel your love through the screen.