August 28, 2011


They say that a friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest but instead who came and never left your side.

In terms of that saying, I want both things for these two: to continue knowing each other for as long as they live and to never (ever) leave each other’s side. I hope a mother’s wish comes true, for when you have something good great you never want to let it go.


My son and his best buddy Kade at the replica of the house from the movie UP. Right by my house…Have you heard of it? See here 

My son thinks the world of his little guy friend. And he loves him and I love him, too. And I don’t mind them loving Brazil more than Colombia, or waking up baby, or messing up the house (after I’ve spent hours organizing) by building forts and castles, or sneaking into the fridge or pantry and all the snacks be gone when I need them.

I don’t mind it one bit. I’m having too much FUN witnessing it all. What a gift to see it. This is true love. True friendship.


  1. Hello! I'm Heleen from FTLOB for comment love day. =]

    You have a beautiful family. I LOVE that picture of the boys. Up is such a cute movie too!

  2. seeing the friendhip in little people makes you appreciate your own.

  3. That is an amazing house!

    I can't wait for our kids to start making best friends. It's a little hard to make good friends when we are moving so much. lol! That is my wish for my kids as well. To have a best friend forever!

  4. Stopping by via FTLOB!

    This post is great. I love that first quote!
    Your blog is lovely :)

  5. I still need to see the UP house. We live right here for crying out loud!

  6. What sweet friends. I love the photo. We were hoping to get the the UP house this weekend, but didn't make it. I'm just in South Jordan. :)

  7. I haven't experienced it yet but it must be a great feeling to see your children in a friendship like that.

  8. The boys are just so adorable together! Without knowing them, I truly hope that they'll remain friends always and forever, too. :)

    And really, that UP house is right around the corner from where your house is? That is beyond cool, not?

    Here's to a happy week. xoxo.

  9. this is such a sweet post. i wonder how my son's best friend will be like well when he has a really good buddy.

    the picture is really sweet :)