August 25, 2011


*I got a call today from my son’s kindergarten teacher. She says he tripped her. Let me repeat that: He – tripped - her!!! She fell and landed on top of two other kindergarteners. She could have broken their bones!… Am I that bad of a mother that just the image of the event makes me laugh??? We had the talk. You know the one when I tell him he could possibly get away from doing this to his sisters…but not to HIS TEACHER!

**My 7yr old daughter has been wearing my wedding dress for hours. She keeps repeating with the same high pitched voice “I’m getting married!” I’ve been having flashbacks of my wedding day, but most of all, visions on how GORGEOUS and PURE she will be on her own wedding day. OK..wake up!…too soon to be talking about this.

***Baby is constipated (sorry to put it out there) but I’m in poop mode for a lack of better words. She is MISERABLE and so am I.  I’ve tried to get her to feel some relief. I don’t think I ever wanted someone to poop so bad in my life!!!

But since it’s time to embrace the camera, I will breath deeply and count to ten and believe that tomorrow is another day that I WILL conquer. I will continue to be happy for I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.

And just in case you didn’t know me yet: This is ME!



  1. I am wondering how you handled the phone call from the teacher! How awkward. So sorry.
    Have you tried mirilax for the poop issue. It works wonders in our house. ;)

  2. Go out and buy a box of Kashi granola bars and just keep feeding them to Baby. The fiber will make her poop in no time!

  3. This made me smile because parenting is so hard but it sound slike you are taking it in strides! love the pic!

  4. Gorgeous as always! And seriously.... he tripped the teacher...... ok, that is NOT me you hear giggling! :) Oh, where is the pic of your daughter in your wedding dress ~ I bet she looks beautiful!

  5. LOL, he tripped the teacher. I don't know how you even kept a straight face when she told you. I'd be cracking up!

    You look so pretty in that photo!

  6. Hahaha ok... I am bad but I'm totally cracking up about your boy tripping his teacher :)
    And I love that picture of you! So pretty :)

  7. omg. that first bullet had me burst out in laughter. like..a real LOL. so if you're a bad mom for laughing, so am i. :) i hope your baby gets better soon. and you're gorgeous!

  8. cute picture :)

    and i'm laughing out loud at your boy's story. tripping his teacher? who does that?! :)