August 22, 2011

I’m back and saying good bye

I’ve been gone. Just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico!!! And I will post about it when I can walk through my laundry room, and the mountain of dishes has decreased, and my feet don’t step on ONE MORE LEGO. In the meantime, just a small sample of our pool days who came to an end, specially now that school is in full bloom. Dare I say I already miss those days? Do you??


And I  was able to discover and see a side of my son I didn’t expect:  the deep love and fascination he has for little ones:


And I smiled like a million bucks every time I took a picture of baby. Scroll down and see her many moves:


IMAG0228-1 (1)

IMAG0235 (3)



GOOD BYE pool days but certainly NOT a good bye to Baby’s camera moves!


  1. Your kids really love the pool and all those water activities. They sure had a great time. I've never been to Puerto Rico, I'd love to see your vacay pictures :)

  2. What fun pool photos! My kids could swim all day. I just couldn't handle watching them do it! Looking forward to your Puerto Rico photos. :)

  3. Pool days are the best!!!! So much fun! Its so sad to see the pool days lessing!!! But Im looking forward to fall!!!! <3

  4. We have been loving the pool/water this year too. Sebastian is so fearless though, he about gives me a heart attack. And yes, your little man is so good with babies, I have noticed him with Sebi a lot too. Such a good cousin.

  5. Awwwwww....I'm glad I got to enjoy ONE pool day with you! I truly loved getting to know you. And now I can keep up with you through your blog! Yay! You have a beautiful family...and you are a beautiful person inside and out! Until we meet again... Xoxo

  6. oh, so cute!!! Hanging at the pool sure was fun, except for the times when I had to drag Joel out for testing of the

  7. Aaawwww, that does make me miss pool days! We did that so much over the Summer. Thanks for linking up, good luck with the laundry!